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How do I switch from bottle to cup for milk for dd - 23 months

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Tillysmummy Tue 22-Jul-03 14:25:47

My dd is nearly 23 months. She speaks very well and is easy to communicate with. She has been drinking well from a beaker since 7 months and has also been drinking from glasses cups ok now for about 4 months. The problem is getting her to give up her morning and evening milk from the bottle. I have tried telling her that bottles are for babies and that she needs the cup etc and she just gets really upset and says no mummy I want the babies bottle not the big girls cup. How should I go about it ? I am probably just being weak and rubbish and if I focus my efforts hard enough could probably get it sorted and should just not give in but I don't want to take something away that she seems so attached to ? Any ideas ? Or should I just not fuss about it. Thing is now being pg again (very early days only 5 weeks) I don't want her still on bottles if and when have another one. Also want to sort out potty training before then and moving into a bed - help !! So many things to sort.

musica Tue 22-Jul-03 14:31:11

You could try taking the top off the bottle, and either sipping the milk straight out the bottle, or using a straw. Or take her shopping to buy a 'special' cup - we did that, and it worked beautifully - no complaints at all. Having said that ds still won't go in his 'special' bed...!

musica Tue 22-Jul-03 14:31:23

Oh, congratulations btw!!!

aloha Tue 22-Jul-03 14:43:26

Is it really a problem? She only has two bottles a day - I can't see the harm really. You don't have to sterilise or anything surely so it can't be more faff than a cup. Personally, I wouldn't consider any targets at all (but that's me). Why should she be in a bed? I don't plan to move ds out of his cot until he's too big to physically fit in it or he expresses a wish for a bed. He's the same age as your dd and he's got quite a way to go! As for potty training....well... that seems a long way off yet. Your dd sounds perfectly happy - not to mention extremely articulate Give yourself a break Tillysmummy, put your feet up and have a nice time!

Melly Tue 22-Jul-03 19:26:33

Hi Tillysmummy, have exactly the same problem. My dd was 2 last week and I could have written your post. I have come round to thinking as aloha has said, I can't see that's it is a huge problem, I think it's a comfort thing. I've tried replacing the teat on her bottle with an Avent spout, giving her milk from her non spill beaker, giving it from a "special grown up girl" beaker but nothing has worked so far. I have had numerous attempts to get her to give up the bottle but now I have ds ( 21 month age gap) I have just learnt to chill out about it and not worry too much. DD drinks her milk so quickly anyway, don't think there will be a problem with teeth etc, and her speech is clear as a bell.

Congratulations on your news, hope you're feeling ok

Tillysmummy Tue 22-Jul-03 20:26:16

Thanks for the congrats ladies. Maybe I will chill out about it. I don't mind just don't want her to be impeded by it but I guess she won't be.
Aloha I want to get her into a bed because i don't want to have to buy another cot and although I have a crib for a few months it won't last forever and I want to do it before any new arrivals so she doesn't blame the baby
The potty training I am just sure she's ready for. She has already been in it once, sits on it every day and tells me when she's done a poo. I also think she knows the sensation of weeing now because every time she wanted to go on holiday she got out of the pool !! We'll have to see.
I guess I won't force the bottle issue. Just don't want to have to go and buy more when have another. Still it's a good few months away yet.

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