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Toddler not drinking any milk at all

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Em32 Sat 20-Aug-05 21:58:40

My DS is 18 months and hasn't had any milk to drink at all for the past two weeks. This is since he had three molars coming through at once - it was hurting him to suck from a bottle (which is the only thing he would previously drink milk from anyway). He'll happily drink water from a cup with no lid but won't touch milk from one. I've tried a cup with a straw, a beaker etc etc no luck. He has milk on his cereal, eats yoghurt etc but there is no way his intake is 2/3 pint a day as it is 'supposed' to be. Does anyone have any suggestions or children who won't drink milk and who are still surviving ?

Gobbledigook Sat 20-Aug-05 21:59:58

I wouldn't worry - they do drop their intake once they get past 12 months in my experience. As long as you make sure he's getting it in other ways, which you seem to be doing, and that he is developing normally and is perfectly healthy - no need to worry!

KiwiKate Sun 21-Aug-05 10:48:22

my ds has also gone off milk. No point in stressing, just make sure they get calcium in other ways (which you are doing). We also cook more using milk (custards, oats cooked in milk etc etc). This is just a natural progression for some kids.

You can always try milk again in a week or so. If you push it, then he'll definately resist (imo)

moondog Sun 21-Aug-05 11:22:21 ds (13 months) has never drunk milk apart from that on cereal and hidden in yoghurts and cheese. His dd was the same.
Both are strong healthy children.

Em32 Sun 21-Aug-05 19:06:58

Thanks - that makes me feel better. Just nice to know you aren't the only one...........

KiwiKate Mon 22-Aug-05 04:08:45

Oh, and a friend of mine bf until about 14 mo. Her dd never did (and still never has) ever drunk any other milk. Her dd is now 2.4yo and very healthy.

katierocket Mon 22-Aug-05 07:22:49

my DS is 4 and he doesn't drink milk at all (hasn't done since he was about 15months). He doesn't mind it on cereal but he doesn't like the taste of it as a drink.

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