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fussy eating

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jodie1984 Fri 19-Aug-05 15:15:08

hi I am new to this so sorry if i babble on a it.

my son is 7wks old and he has always been a fussy eater, i was planing on breast feeding but he didnt take to the breat and latch on properly so i ended up bottle feeding. ever since he was born he always vomited after feeding and he found it difficult to bring up his wind so he has been on infacol and sma stay down. he also uses tommee tippee bottles for colic which he has started to suffer from I think. well the last couple of days he has only been having 2-3 oz every 4 hrs during the day and going 6-7hrs at night he is quite a big baby weighing about 11lb 7oz at the moment. he seems happy enough apart from the screaming in the evening which is why i think he might have colic. he also only passes feases about once a day.

i am just unsure if there is a problem i am an inexperianced 1st time mum, so please if you have any advice i would be pleased to hear it.

thank you

jodie1984 Fri 19-Aug-05 15:19:24

sorry i forgot to say he was having 4-5oz on the sma staydown and he stoped vomiting so i put him back onto sma gold 3days a go

Maddison Sat 20-Aug-05 00:26:59

Is he putting weight on okay? Why did you put him back onto sma gold? If you're at all concerned speak to your hv - alternatively the nighttime mumsnetters may have some advice for you.

Sorry I haven't been much help and welcome to mumsnet

MummyPig Sat 20-Aug-05 02:46:29

jodie1984, when ds1 was a baby and had 'evening colic' I tried all kinds of things and then eventually realised he had an intolerance to cow's milk. When we removed cow's milk from my diet (as I was still breastfeeding him), he got a whole lot better. So this might be something to think about - and if you think this is possible, it might be worth trying a hypoallergenic formula and seeing if his symptoms disappear (because most formulas are based on cow's milk and would cause distress to a baby with a cow's milk protein intolerance). You would have to get one prescribed if you wanted to try this.

There's a whole load of information about food intolerances here . It's a lot to read through but it might be helpful. Also you could post on the 'allergies' board as there are lots of people with experience on there.

And perhaps take a look at this site about reflux (GERD) and see if the symptoms describe your child. It's the always vomiting thing that made me wonder, also not latching on well - reflux babies often pull off the breast very soon after they are put on. And babies with reflux sometimes have problems with 'gut motility', i.e. movement of food through the gut, and end up constipated. Weight gain is often mentioned in these lists of reflux symptoms, but some reflux babies put on loads of weight so don't disregard it even if he's putting on weight okay.

If you think it might be reflux, I would advise going to see a doctor and describing your ds's symptoms to see if they will give you some medication for it. They tend to try Gaviscon first but if that doesn't help, push to get something stronger.

In the meantime, there are some ideas for calming a 'fussy baby' here on . This is an absolutely huge document and to be honest I have not read it all the way through but it might give you some ideas you haven't tried yet. I know I tend to get into a habit of doing the same things with my kids and sometimes it helps to try different approaches.

I've posted about reflux before as ds2 has it, so there will be other links in my older messages (nickname SamN).

hope that helps a bit

MummyPig Sat 20-Aug-05 02:47:52

sorry, \link{\this) is the link about food intolerances in babies

MummyPig Sat 20-Aug-05 02:48:51

or maybe this even. That will teach me to post messages without previewing them

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