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Non-wired but padded bra?

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cindersrella Mon 30-Dec-19 15:08:54

Does anyone know where I can get a good non-wired but padded bra from that doesn't look "Doris" ??

It's a hard one I know!

Pleases help

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motherofmincepies Mon 30-Dec-19 15:15:31

Peacocks has some recently. Nice sports bra type look but with a band of lace.

3teens2cats Mon 30-Dec-19 15:25:14

M&S had lots

Mrbay Mon 30-Dec-19 15:33:53

Uniglo - simply amazing! Gives me the shape of an underwire but the comfort of a wireless, currently on sale and under a tenner too!

Sofia2222 Thu 16-Jan-20 15:06:52

hello, M&S as @3teens2cats said and also Bravissimo smile

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