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Help us END the shaming of women who have taken the morning after pill

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Sophestry Mon 01-Apr-19 16:32:24

Hi there,

I'm working on the MyMorningAfter campaign, which is trying to start an open dialogue about emergency contraception and people's experiences with it. We have collected 80+ personal experiences with the morning after pill from real people all over the world to show how diverse the circumstances and experience can be. From young mothers who are not ready for another baby right now and older parents who don't want a new baby to those who are not ready for or do not want children, everyone's experience is unique. If you have taken the morning after pill, and you feel comfortable sharing your experience then head over to the My Morning After website and help us end the stigma!

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MrsRufusdog789 Tue 24-Sep-19 15:00:28

A different response from the other side of things . As a retired medical receptionist with something other than a swinging brick I. Her chest it used to upset me greatly that some receptionists faced with a telephone request for MAP would quite unashamedly try to belittle the caller by telling them it was available through a pharmacy . Where it cost £ 30 . They would try to deny the woman or girl a consultation with a GP .where it could be obtained for free if they were on low income .
After complaining to my manager policy changed as it was totally inequitable in my view . That was the worst part of my job - some utter bitches in it .

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