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jessicaubhi Tue 15-Jan-19 16:02:43

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jessica and I am a Social Media Assistant for turremgroup.grin

We have released our new website which works to help individuals and families keep their information safe from hackers.

Hacker247 is simple, robust and cost effective. The service we provide is constantly scanning the dark web and the surface web for breached data. This data includes more than just emails and passwords.

We are offering a 1 years subscription to any bloggers with a large following who is willing to endorse the product.

Any customers we receive from your endorsements will be given a promo code for 10% off Hacker247's services.

We are targeting families, mothers in particular, who have young children interested in online games.
Children are more susceptible and are usually targeted by hackers to give up personal details.

If you think our service will benefit you and your followers, please feel free to contact mesmile

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