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Mummy bloggers wanted (brand reps)

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Popsandwills Sat 21-Jul-18 11:35:46

Hi everyone
I own a children's clothing company based in Manchester (pops and wills clothing) and I'm looking for mummy bloggers who are big on social media to join our new team of "brand reps". Currently most stock is girls from 0-7 years and a small range of boys but we are expanding the range once I get a bigger following. If you're interested it would be great to hear from you.
Thanks Lisa

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Toughtimemum Thu 16-Aug-18 21:33:14

Hi, I've just seen your post and would be interested in a collaboration.
I have been blogging for the last 11 months in regards to my journey through motherhood and have recently had articles published with Huffington Post, Mama-Wins and am in talks with Grazia Magazine.
I have a daughter called Boe, she will be 1 on the 24th Aug and I'd love her to be an ambassador for your clothing brand. Since focusing more on my social media platforms (mainly insta) over the last few weeks I have been approached by H&M, M&S and The White Company for collaborations. I'd really like to invest my time working with smaller independent businesses.

Please let me know if I/we fit your profile.

Lisapop1 Sat 08-Sep-18 08:45:48

Hi Toughtimemum

Sorry I've only just seen your reply. Yes you sound like you are exactly what we're looking for. What's your blog called? I'll add you on Insta and it would be fantastic to chat further.

Mumofsonny Mon 08-Oct-18 10:46:23

I'm very interested in becoming a brand rep. I have a 4 month old boy. Please get in touch if this opportunity is still open. Thanks

SadieF97 Sat 08-Dec-18 12:48:44

I'm interested in becoming a brand rep! We've repped for two brands so far. My little boy is 10 months old.

I have a blog and an active Instagram account with 3.3k followers smile

Instagram: adventuresofloganandme

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