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Car seat!

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babymumma1 Tue 05-Jul-16 23:48:39

Hi all! I'll be posting this on a few topics as need to buy a car seat by the weekend so as many opinions as possible would be great!
Basically my DD is a big 5 month old (18lbs) and she's rapidly outgrowing the car seat she has now, her shoulders are getting squished and her movement is restricted, we're travelling a total of 4 hours on Saturday and want her to be as comfortable as possible as she used to love car journeys but recently has been getting restless. I'll be keeping her rear facing for as long as possible but ideally I'd like something that can be altered to her size as she grows and be a rear facing or forward facing seat as required! Money isn't an issue when it comes to her safety so can anyone recommend a car seat they've found the safest and most comfortable? Thankyou!smile

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