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New Parental Guide: Play & Discover Maths Uncovered

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ADV: Elliott James Coleman Thu 02-Nov-17 21:07:28

Hi Mumsnet Community

I am the self published author of "Play & Discover: Maths Uncovered", a guide written for parents and guardians to help prepare children for maths, in a playful way, as they move from nursery to primary school.

The world is becoming more competitive day-by-day, and private schooling and tutors are not accessible to everyone. Guides, such as Play and Discover, can therefore help you to prepare your children as best as possible, whilst having fun and bonding at the same time. Play and Discover will offer you practical solutions to help your child learn the core elements of maths needed to give them a head start when they first start school. It will show you how to help your child uncover the maths skills themselves through play, and thus Play and Discover is conducive for quality time and bonding. My aim is to share with you the things that I have uncovered as a parent about guiding a child through the foundational elements of maths, and getting them ready to start school.

It's a really easy read and is available on Amazon in both hardcover and ebook format here:

Feedback welcome,

Elliott Coleman

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