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New CUPPA Book Series (Active Starter and Smarter Emotional Confidence for the Tweenage Years (Ages 10-12+)

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A Parent's, Teacher's or Adult's Guide to Every Child

A Complete Series of Books to Support Primary to Secondary Transition to Ensure Each Pupil Achieves their Full Potential

Chris Cupsworth lives in his own world which is sometimes real and sometimes fantasy. Chris is concerned with his physical appearance and has had problems with bullies at school. He is facing his exams and is nervous about the future. On the night before his big exams he has a ‘visitor’ who offers him choices that could help him to overcome all his fears. But for this to be successful, Chris must also make some crucial decisions!

Chris embarks on an amazing journey around the world as he begins to understand each of the five secrets of ‘The Confident Mindset’. He meets some interesting new friends and teachers, but faces some difficult dilemmas along the way. You have the chance to join Chris on his journey and make some challenging decisions. You will be required to complete the five Missions successfully and will be scored on YOUR journey!

Are you ready for an adventure that could change your life forever?

The CUPPA series consists of three books-

The Amazing Journey of CUPPA- His quest to find the five secrets of the confident mindset.

The ADULT Book - CUPPA is a complete guide to help your child or pupils to achieve the ‘Confident Mindset’. It will also help you understand what it takes to make their emotional confidence journey more successful and by working together, using the measures and guidance, you will be on the path to achieving success.

The ACTIVITIES Book -Inside this book are the five secret Missions you must carry out to find ‘The Confident Mindset’ – Is each Mission possible? You will be asked to complete at least eight challenges for each Mission and will be scored on your journey through all five Missions. There is also a final adventure to challenge your skill …….. but will you be able to finish it successfully?

Have you had your CUPPA today?

About the Author Ross McWilliam BA Hons, MSC, PGCE, LCSP, CMI Level 7
Ross had a great head start in life, being given a "you can do it" attitude by his parents. He was surrounded by love, unconditional support and healthy competitive sibling rivalry. Yet he struggled in is teens with self-esteem, having been plagued by acne which left him with lifetime scarring on his face and body.
Ross left school with no grades to mention, but decided soon after to prove his academic ability by dedicating his life to sport and learning. After studying for his GCEs and A-Levels, he went on to study a BA Hons degree at Carnegie School of Physical Education and undertook a Master's degree in coaching at Lakehead University in Canada.
A serious knee injury in Canada instantly stopped his sporting career and changed his future direction forever, making him operate on entirely different physical and emotional levels. He is very honest in saying that these feelings and actions can dominate his thoughts, but he has learnt to channel these into positive outcomes and used them to catapult him into positive performance. He as been fortunate to be exposed to some tremendous role models who continue to inspire him with their actions and messages, many of whom he refers to in his CUPPA journey.
He firmly believes that once you find your confident and resilient mindset, you automatically use smarter confidence and he soon realised that he was not alone in these physical and emotional barriers. It has clearly made him able to understand other people's issues and given him an amazing ability to help others. His experiences of learning have given him the opportunity to teach all over the world ultimately covering all levels of academic and emotionally ability from primary, secondary and special needs, through to college and university levels. It has been his quest to make learning fun and engaging and to bridge the gap between eductation and entertainment, a term he calls edutainment!
Ross is currently a freelance speaker, trainer, author and since starting his CUPPA journey in 2012, has delivered fun learning to hundreds of schools and over 30,000 pupils as well as speaking at business events and conferences attended by thousands of guests.
Life is a series of struggles or challenges and the winner is not always the one who gets there first; just as long as you get there.

This book is available on a variety of platforms (Paperback as well as eBook are available)

Amazon (Kindle) -

CUPPA website (paperback) -

Ross McWilliam Website - &

Twitter: @cuppalearning & @rmwassociates

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