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The Mouse That Wished She Could Fly

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ADV: Sun 16-Oct-16 11:20:44

The Mouse That Wished She Could Fly

This brand new, fully illustrated picture book is in paperback form and suitable for children aged around 3 years. Of course younger children will enjoy looking at the pictures and listening to the story as well.

"The Mouse That Wished She Could Fly" is a story about our little mouse who had one great wish - to fly high in the sky! In this story our cute little hero has a series of small adventures before making her dream come true, with some interesting twists and encounters along the way.

Some special points about the book:

- All 24 A4 sized pages are handdrawn with my own original illustrations throughout
- The detailed, colourful pictures make it very engaging for young children
- There is lots to find, to recognise and to name in the book
- It is also great for learning about colours and basic counting
- Font and size make the book easy to read, catering for young children who may be starting to read
- The book is printed on high quality, glossy paper and is double bound
- Easy and repetitive text in rhyme

This original picture book, "The Mouse That Wished She Could Fly" is currently available from:




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About the Author

My name is Hana and I have always been passionate about books and stories. I love reading and creating generally, especially stories and the whole process of illustration. Currently a full-time mother of two loud boys, I finally plucked up the courage to create and produce my own story. Despite the technical production challenges and the time involved, I really enjoyed the entire process and overcoming the learning curve. I am looking forward to further writing and illustrating and have got plans for the next stories to follow soon.

Thank you for your interest. I really look forward to your feedback and hearing what you think about the stories and please do follow the social media links too.

Kind Regards

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