The Lost Tomb: A Victoria Smythe Adventure

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ADV: user1469124134 Thu 21-Jul-16 19:59:08

Hello Mumsnet. Are you looking for an adventure read for teenagers (or adults who are children at heart?)

Perhaps you'll enjoy my new book, released on Amazon Kindle, which I hope will become a series.

The Lost Tomb: A Victoria Smythe Adventure.

Shanghai, China, 1879.
Victoria Smythe and her loyal Chinese friend Chi Li are in search of adventure. Wasting their talents writing a travel column, their lives change when they come into possession of an ancient Chinese scroll following the murder of a French museum employee. Presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, the two determined, brave women seize the moment to leave the safety of Shanghai. Travelling through rice fields, vast plains, caves and the desert, they follow the scroll’s every word to discover the secret of a lost tomb it has so carefully guarded for centuries.
An incredible destiny awaits them...assuming they survive the attempts to stop them.

Available now from Kindle at the following link.

Thanks for reading.

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