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Busbeater's Magnificent Adventures in Time: Big Trouble In The Court Of King John

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ADV: Stephen Price Sun 12-Jun-16 16:51:51

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For 9-12 year olds as well as Adventurers of all ages

History at school was never like this ...

Ever wondered what it might have been like to stand next to capricious King John at the very moment he agreed Magna Carta? Or witness the King's treasure sink in to marshy wasteland? Or even land on the moon? Plucky 12 year old Gerald Jones does. For it seems his uncle's ramshackle old house has a secret upstairs: A Time Machine. Adventure is afoot.

Along with his uncle Lt Col Busbeater and the rest of his lovable but eccentric relatives, a mysterious stranger on a mission and the evil megalomaniac Baron von Achtung in hot pursuit, Gerald's first Magnificent Adventure takes in all this and more as he and the gang land in Mediaeval England only to be arrested immediately. Can they escape the King's clutches, defeat the Baron, save the day and escape without changing history?

There are times when Gerald is not so sure.

Packed full of jokes, opportunities to do voices, and prompting children to ask loads of questions about the past, Busbeater's Magnificent Adventures In Time makes history fun.

It's the first in a series which will travel across space through time and around the world as Gerald and the gang save the day. Many, many times.

And if at the end of a stressful day you just want a bit of a giggle to forget about life and all its irksome travails, there's plenty of gags for grown ups too.

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