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Catch up on our webchat with Book of the Month The Tidal Zone author Sarah Moss

83 lilywillywoo 12/07/17 11:52

March non-fiction book of the month: Sara Pascoe's Animal. Sara's answers back!

32 SaraPascoe 21/04/17 15:35

Non-fiction book of month: Unf*ck Your Habitat by Rachel Hoffman

76 OldBooks 18/04/17 20:44

Non-fiction book of month: Leap In by Alexandra Heminsley

49 Dsiso 12/04/17 18:54

All at Sea author Decca Aitkenhead answers Mumsnetters' questions

44 agnapoop 12/04/17 08:42

Non-fiction book of the month: Don't Stop me Now - Vassos Alexander

18 Joanne2010 15/03/17 14:19

Non-fiction book of month: Frazzled by Ruby Wax

30 Elliepurpleflower 10/03/17 17:13

February book of the month: A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart. Read now ahead of author webchat on Wednesday 1 March, 9-10pm.

124 desperatelys… 05/03/17 21:48

Best book for a pregnant first-time Mum 2016

3 Footle 28/02/17 17:36

Book of the month January 2017 - The Power by Naomi Alderman

116 lalamcbride 10/02/17 12:40

November Book of the Month: Waking Lions by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen. Join the webchat with the author and her translator on Monday 14 November, 9pm.

109 minsmum 18/01/17 23:06

A tribute to great sailors. Last Voyages. By Nicholas Grey

1 wallers5 17/01/17 07:12

Non-fiction book of the month Jan 17

5 Cinthy 11/01/17 09:58

The Secret to Not Drowning by Colette Snowden - Join the discussion about this novel and the issues around domestic abuse on Monday 28 November, 9 - 10pm

18 RachelMumsnet 09/01/17 11:50

November non-fiction book of the month: Nobody Told Me by Hollie McNish - watch our exclusive video

53 Kiwirose 28/12/16 20:41

Non-fiction book of the month: Biology of Desire by Marc Lewis. Post up questions about addiction for author Q&A by 11 November.

16 pigsney 07/12/16 22:35

Non fiction book of the month - The Sex Lives of English Women. Post a question to author Wendy Jones by 16 October

50 MeredithGolightly 21/11/16 19:13

Non-fiction book of the month: MAD GIRL by BRYONY GORDON

36 ladydepp 24/10/16 08:16

AUGUST Book of the Month - THE IMPROBABILITY OF LOVE: Join author HANNAH ROTHSCHILD for bookclub webchat on Monday 12 September, 8.30 - 9.30pm

101 tworonnies1957 18/09/16 20:21

Non-fiction book of the month: The Wicked Boy by Kate Summerscale. Read the answers back from Kate!

44 KateSummerscale 24/08/16 10:53

Chat to the one and only JUDY BLUME - ask Judy a question and discuss her latest book IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT on Monday 8th August, 9-10pm

190 Belo 09/08/16 21:09

Non-fiction book of the month: This House of Grief by Helen Garner. ANSWERS BACK FROM HELEN!

67 marilynmonroe 26/07/16 08:24

Non-fiction book of the month: The Actual One by Isy Suttie. ANSWERS BACK!

31 aristocat 06/07/16 14:21

JUNE Book of the Month - Baileys Prize longlisted novel THE BOOK OF MEMORY, Come and chat to author PETINA GAPPAH on Tuesday 28 June 9-10pm

82 RachelMumsnet 01/07/16 11:36

Join webchat with award-winning author ANNE ENRIGHT and discuss May book of the month THE GREEN ROAD on TUESDAY 24 May, 9-10pm

135 Babelange 25/05/16 21:01

Non-fiction book of the month: The Lost Tudor Princess. ANSWERS BACK FROM ALISON!

49 Jossykaye 16/05/16 20:05

Come and chat to PAT BARKER, about her stellar writing career, her award-winning trilogies and her latest novel, NOONDAY, our April Book of the Month, on Weds 27 April, 9-10pm

78 lottietiger 10/05/16 22:54

Come and chat to prizewinning author Sarah Hall about her brilliant new novel THE WOLF BORDER, our March Book of the Month, on 23 March, 9-10pm

75 Amydbarker 13/04/16 21:02

Girl In the Band - Kim Gordon - Non-fiction book of the month. Apply for a free copy and post a Q to Sonic Youth singer Kim Gordon

104 RJnomore1 26/03/16 08:36

TONIGHT 9-10PM! Come and meet the marvellous JULIAN BARNES, multi-award winning author of our February Book of the Month, THE NOISE OF TIME.

90 alialiath 23/03/16 15:34

January 2016 book of the month: THE ILLUMINATIONS by Andrew O'Hagan.

89 RuthCart 14/03/16 19:52

What is Aprl's book club read?

1 AnnaAsh 05/03/16 13:11

November book of the month: Lila by Marilynne Robinson - Apply for free copy and put your questions to the author

39 FoxInABox 01/02/16 13:30

Novels about early motherhood

2 Corygal1 30/01/16 21:55

What's happened to Book Club?

22 AnnaAsh 28/01/16 13:14

Come and talk to author NICK HORNBY about his latest novel, Funny Girl, his previous bestsellers and his exceptional writing career on Wednesday 1st July, 9-10pm

106 skwerlene 11/01/16 17:53

Kate Atkinson in January or February?

4 BaconAndAvocado 31/12/15 18:48

Come and chat to award-winning author of Purity JONATHAN FRANZEN on Friday 2nd October, 12-1pm. Post your questions for him here.

110 janewilson 05/12/15 16:26

Meet the remarkable MARGARET ATWOOD and chat about her award-winning novels, including THE HEART GOES LAST, in November's Bookclub, Wednesday 4 November, 9-10pm

110 StickChildNumberTwo 15/11/15 17:52

November book of the month

1 Roygrace 31/10/15 06:16

Come and chat to the phenomenal SARAH WATERS, Booker-nominated author of The Paying Guests, The Night Watch and Fingersmith (among others) on Tuesday 29 September, 9-10pm

115 Duckdeamon 08/10/15 08:47

Self-help books

2 Rosebuddy7 28/09/15 20:35

Tea planters Wife

1 HappydaysArehere 25/09/15 20:33

The buried giant. March BOTM is not published till, er March

13 BrendaandEddie 01/09/15 20:50

MNHQ - Feb book of the month - what was it?

3 Astralabe 22/08/15 22:58

Come and chat to the award-winning SADIE JONES about her new novel FALLOUT, her previous bestseller THE OUTCAST, and her writing career on Monday 20 July, 9-10pm

112 ninnytendo 11/08/15 18:59

Mumsnet Animal Stories winner publishes new book

3 IAmNotFlop 06/08/15 18:18

Book Club July newsletter?

2 Clawdy 03/08/15 15:31

Come and chat to Ian McEwan about his exceptional career and acclaimed novels, including his latest, The Children Act on MONDAY 1 JUNE, 9-10pm

155 allybird1 09/07/15 19:05

Come and meet HELEN MACDONALD, author of Costa Book of the Year H IS FOR HAWK, on Thurs 30 April, 9-10pm

120 Fiendarina 19/05/15 08:19
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