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And our Retro Classic November Book of the Month is...MRS TIM OF THE REGIMENT by D. E Stevenson (discussion Mon 7 December)

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TillyBookClub Wed 11-Nov-09 10:10:41

Message withdrawn

Roopoo Mon 07-Dec-09 21:20:35

I would have asked her if she felt that although times and society have changed does she see any difference in the inner struggles faced by women then compared to women now??

(hope that makes sense)

DutchOma Mon 07-Dec-09 21:20:51

But what would the combined power of MN have said if someone had posted in Relationships:"My husband loves me and I have two darling children, but he is such a bore and never likes anything I buy. I have been invited by a dear friend to a holiday in Scotland without my dh and this dashing colleague is making a pass at me. Should I have an affair or not?"

DutchOma Mon 07-Dec-09 21:22:56

Sorry x post with Tilly's question.

carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Dec-09 21:26:08

I would have asked her if, as suspected, the characters were based on RL people was she worried about offending people.

Also did she think Hester and Tony would eventually have a flingette?

ReneRusso Mon 07-Dec-09 21:26:16

Oops forgot it was the discussion tonight. I'm only a few chapters in though.

bratnav Mon 07-Dec-09 21:29:58

Oh dear, I read the book 3 weeks ago and forgot the discussion was tonight, my first bookclub too blush

I loved the book, I found the fact that it was in diary brilliant, I usually plough through books way too quickly, and this got me to slow down a bit.

I thought all the characters were great, except Tim, I agree with you all on him, and that it was so innocent, both Hester and the period it was set in, I did imagine her having a gentle smile to herself, knowing Tony was in love with her, nice ego boost, but secure that nothing will ever happen.

I want to go slightly giddy in Scotland whilst farming the DCs out to kindly people <sulks>

lalaa Mon 07-Dec-09 21:30:21

i would have asked something similar to roopoo but it would have been about the practicalities of life now for women with children as compared with life then.

champagnesupernova Mon 07-Dec-09 21:30:49

LOL DutchOma I think collective MN would probably say "he's an arse! You deserve some happiness with dashing fellow with fancy car!"

Ooh tricky question Tilly - I think I would ask her what keeps Tim and Hester together - there's an undercurrent of something but they seem so different with different views of duty and parenting etc.

TillyBookClub Mon 07-Dec-09 21:33:34

Thanks to everyone for a very stimulating chat. I now feel I enjoyed aspects of the book more than I realised, in a veggie soup kind of fashion.

I'm going to bow out now, but GeraldineMumsnet will announce the winners of the prize draw in a moment - good luck all.

Bookclub will be on holiday over December, and back with the next selection in early January.

Merry Christmas

chickbean Mon 07-Dec-09 21:33:46

"Miss Buncle's Book" which I mentioned earlier is all about a woman who writes about her real-life neighbours - had never thought about it before, but perhaps her Mrs Tim characters were a bit too recognisable as RL people. Would have loved to ask her that. Also, whether she had a "Tony" in her life, or just a fantasy!

NoelRocks Mon 07-Dec-09 21:35:51

I would have asked why she chose to write this in the form of a diary and whether she felt this restricted her in any way. I find the way writers make these sorts of decisions very interesting.

Dutchoma/Champagne - I think the MNers might have been just a bit judgemental about the potential affair, TBH!! Although, I'm sure she would have told to have a word with her DH and grab some proper me-time!

NoelRocks Mon 07-Dec-09 21:36:57

Thanks Tilly and everyone else - another enjoyable chat.

Merry Christmas and God bless us, every one xx

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Dec-09 21:36:58

Going to put names in a bag and drag one of DC away from telly/computer/mobile to do the draw <while worrying about slug under bowl>.

elkiedee Mon 07-Dec-09 21:38:27

Aaarrrrggh, I guess I've missed being included in the prize draw. Have only just got downstairs from settling baby to sleep (he woke up and then I fell asleep when he did).

I'm still waiting for a copy from the library but would have liked, if I'd got the book in time, to join in tonight's bookclub discussion. (I would have also liked to enter the prize draw).

TillyBookClub Mon 07-Dec-09 21:39:43

p.s. bratnav, sorry to leave just as you arrive, and please carry on everyone who wants to...

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Dec-09 21:49:06

Gerry's daughter here. Just been dragged away from Life (highly educational, I might add) and these are the three names I pulled out first:




Back to the telly for me, bye

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Dec-09 21:53:35

Please can you email me at with your details, so I can arrange to get the book sets to you.

Thanks Tilly! And thanks to everyone who took part. Please come back in the new year.

And any suggestions for themes you'd like book group to do, please email us.

carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Dec-09 21:55:18

Thanks everyone for your company - really enjoyed it.

See you all next time

Roopoo Mon 07-Dec-09 22:08:01

I have never won anything in my life... just nearly fell off the sofa in shock grin

chickbean Mon 07-Dec-09 22:12:50

Me too Roopoo grin - except, of course, the baby show I won when the other children had chickenpox (but that was a very long time ago).

DutchOma Tue 08-Dec-09 08:46:12

Very pleased. Thank you

Roopoo Fri 11-Dec-09 15:52:59

My books arrived today and they are gorgeous!!! Thanks you soo much !!!

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