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And our Retro Classic November Book of the Month is...MRS TIM OF THE REGIMENT by D. E Stevenson (discussion Mon 7 December)

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TillyBookClub Wed 11-Nov-09 10:10:41

Message withdrawn

bratnav Wed 11-Nov-09 13:23:09

Have ordered my copy, can't wait to read it smile

Roopoo Wed 11-Nov-09 14:31:12

Have just ordered my copy!!! My first book being part of the book club!!!

Roopoo Wed 18-Nov-09 16:24:00

Has anybody started reading their copies yet? Im a bit gutted as Im finding it really hard to want to read it if that makes sense... Maybe it's because it's so not like the books I would normally read...

bourboncreme Thu 19-Nov-09 17:55:18

Hi,I think I joined under my previous name of floaty but have now changed to Bourboncreme!Have just ordered copy from Amazon but they say it won't be delivered until after Xmas !Has anyoine ordered from elsewhere

Roopoo Thu 19-Nov-09 18:24:27

I ordered from Amazon.....
Have you tried Waterstones online... They are usually really good...

bourboncreme Fri 20-Nov-09 17:59:39

Thanks,well actually got it in our local independent bookshop,looking forward to starting it tonight

fluffydog Fri 20-Nov-09 19:30:13

Just in case anyone else is having trouble getting it, I managed to get my copy from Waterstones this afternoon.

ReneRusso Sat 21-Nov-09 23:12:28

I had trouble getting it from Amazon, I got mine from - came in 2 days

TillyBookClub Tue 24-Nov-09 10:55:59

To lend this month's bookclub a festive air, we're going to play Father Christmas: there are 3 x sets of all six Bloomsbury Group classics, complete with matching bookmarks and cards, that will go to the three lucky names pulled out of a hat on the discussion night.

Everyone who comes along on Monday 7 December for the chat will be in with a chance to win this rather deluxe gift (worth over £50). We'll announce the three winning names at the end of the evening.

Here's a nice pic of them all in a row, to give you a taster... (and you can buy books direct from that site too, in case anyone's still searching for a copy)

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 25-Nov-09 15:20:11

Good news for all of you who are having trouble finding a copy of Mrs Tim!

We've been talking to Bloomsbury about this and they've told us they have about 20 copies in house that they can send out by first-class post to Book Club MNers for £6.99(p&p free).

All you need to do is call 020 7494 2111, ask for the Sales Department and place your order. Hurrah!

katiesobol Thu 03-Dec-09 14:19:53

I haven't heard of this book before and it isnt the sort of book that I would normally read, but as it is recommended I'm more than happy to give it a go. I hope to be pleasantly surprised!

TillyBookClub Fri 04-Dec-09 11:19:33

Don't forget we'll be chatting about MRS TIM on Monday 7 December, not the usual Tuesday. Anytime from 8 and we'll probably wrap up at 9.30. See you then...

fuzzywuzzywombat Sat 05-Dec-09 23:49:25

Ive got my copy from the library, well I have to ...I work there.

Ive started the book, doing OK so far although the humour sometimes escapes me, Im just picking up on all her problems...maybe a personal reflection at the moment.

I DO wish I have maids etc and didnt have to go out to work, what a life!

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 06-Dec-09 12:17:39

Another reminder that we're discussing Mrs Tim tomorrow night. Personally, I took a while to get into it but then really got into it and looked forward to tube journeys etc so I could keep reading. (Oi Yoohoo, HelenMumsnet, have you finished with my copy yet?)

And a reminder that Bloomsbury are so chuffed we chose a book from this series that they've put up three complete sets, plus assorted goodies, for us to give away to people who take part in the discussion.

See you tomorrow smile

elkiedee Mon 07-Dec-09 09:34:19

I've reserved the book from the library but it's from the reserve and I haven't heard anything yet. And I don't know if I will get to join in the discussion between 8 and 9.30, the baby might not allow me!

TillyBookClub Mon 07-Dec-09 10:11:52

Just another quick reminder that everyone who comes tonight could be one of three lucky winners of a full set of Bloomsbury Classics, so don't forget to login anytime from 8pm...

elkiedee, so sorry your library didn't manage to get you a copy. Our next Book of the Month selection will go up in early Jan, hope you can join us for that one instead.

See y'all later...

TillyBookClub Mon 07-Dec-09 19:53:58

Evening everyone

I’m going to come clean straightaway: this is the first book we’ve done in two years of Mumsnet bookclub that I haven’t really got on with. I found it very sticky going. I can only blame myself because I chose the Bloomsbury Group as our selection, but this one wasn’t as lively as the others I’d picked up. I felt disengaged.

I came to the conclusion that if this had been less of a disguised autobiography and given a stronger plot, I might have enjoyed it more. It could almost have been a sort of post-marriage I Capture the Castle. But it never quite took that leap of imagination.

It might also be because the fictional/confessional diary format has been done to death over the 90s/00s, starting with Bridget Jones and creeping into every corner of newspapers, books, blogs. So I feel tired when I see it. But back when Mrs Tim was published, it must have felt very fresh.

The period details were fun: her ‘Woolworth’s Oriental Pearl’ earrings, red flannel nightdresses, calling people ‘you limmer!’. And I liked the frisson between Hester and Tony (or maybe that's the wrong word, as it seemed to be all on his side)

What did everyone else make of it? What were the best bits? Do you think it was worth bringing it back into print?

Cocodrillo Mon 07-Dec-09 20:01:46

Well I enjoyed it, but agree the format seemed a bit tired, even tho it must have been cutting-edge way back when. My DD is a Hester, so I think that helped me relate to a character that I perhaps wouldn't have warmed to especially otherwise biscuit

Roopoo Mon 07-Dec-09 20:02:32


This my first time so please be gentle with me..

I was really excited about the book club but found this book a little disappointing.. I had to sort of force myself to read it.. It wasn't the type of book that I couldn't put down.

Having said that it was a "nice" book. I suspose I mean that it was a pleasant read but there was no major story line or a strong plot to keep me riveted... I would be really interested to know what others thought though??

Roopoo Mon 07-Dec-09 20:04:25

Tilly - I agree the one plot line that I did enjoy was the obvious lust Tony has for Hester .

grandmabet Mon 07-Dec-09 20:05:49

I too didn't think I would enjoy it, not being particularly interested in the Army, but I was quite quckly drawn in and it did become a page turner for me. There were one or two somewhat tedious passages to do with the McQuill's which I skipped but ont he whole thought it had a lot going for it.

champagnesupernova Mon 07-Dec-09 20:06:15

I know what you mean Tilly. There were lots of episodes that I was rather cringing at - what was the bit behind the curtain in the mess?!

I also got very BORED in the whole Scottish section <and must confess to skipping a few pages when there was verse listed>

I'm a forces brat so could definitely empathise with Hester on that. Now I'm a mum myself I really marvel at what my mother managed to do by herself with so little real resources - certainly my mother didn't have a cook to appease or a "girl" to find.

lalaa Mon 07-Dec-09 20:08:41

Oh it's so nice to be able to join in for once: Mondays are good for me!

I found this book quite fluffy. I was kind of waiting for something big to happen and it never really did. It was an interesting snapshot into a particular period of time, however, and some of the endless domestic stuff Hester had to do felt like my endless domestic stuff, even though the actual tasks were quite different! It resonated when she got to go on holiday for a fortnight and was able to take a break from it all.

I liked the talkative woman on holiday. She made me laugh. I loved the ins and outs of what should and should not be said in polite company. It was a bit of effort to finish the book, however, and I think that if it had not been part of the bookclub, I probably wouldn't have bothered!

champagnesupernova Mon 07-Dec-09 20:12:13

Hi Roopoo
It's my first proper book club too where I bought the book and everything! grin
Did anyone else find the mixture of writing style rather jarring/grating?
Maybe it's what Tilly was saying that we're a bit sick of the Bridget Jones style thing but I found it rather ODD to go from diary-style shorthand to full on conversations and long lists of verses hmm

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