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Have just read Anne Frank& loved it but what next?

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parker1313 Sun 20-Sep-09 20:52:54

I have just read Anne Frank.I absolutely loved it and am annoyed Iv left it so late to read.
I found it interesting and just dont know what to read next?
I am interested in the war/jews part.
Can anyone suggest what I may find interesting?

OonaghBhuna Sat 26-Dec-09 23:09:42

A time to speak by Helen Lewis- amazing book and an amazing lady.

LAlady Wed 06-Jan-10 22:22:11

I have just read The Book Thief, on the recommendation of a friend. It's a brilliant book - not often I find one that I can't put down.

HuwEdwards Wed 06-Jan-10 22:23:16

White Swans (can't remember the author)

wubblybubbly Fri 08-Jan-10 17:22:28

Would second Alicia by Alicia Appleman-Jurman, just finished reading it, a truly shocking memoir of destruction and survival.

Also, The Bookthief, just a wonderful tale, beautifully told and strangely uplifting too. Probably one of the loveliest books I've read in recent years.

Loved When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, read it as a child and found it very powerful, I'm not sure how it would read to an adult though.

Clydesdale Wed 03-Mar-10 16:43:37

Eva's Story by Eva Schloss. Ann franks Stepsister who survives. Descriptions of her survival in the camp

treefrog44 Fri 02-Jul-10 08:48:22

Zlata's Diary - about a different war though, the Bosnian war. She is described as the Anne Frank of Sarajevo

DELHI Tue 12-Apr-11 15:11:43

I read a book a couple of years ago that imagined the life of Peter Van Damm if he hadn't died - he ended up in New York and tried to keep his true identity secret once Anne's diary was published, but the truth came out. It was really good - anyone know what it's called?

Galaxymum Tue 12-Apr-11 18:58:58

The Pianist by Wladislaw Spielman (excuse sp please!) - Adrian Brody won the Oscar for Best Actor in the movie. It's an amazing story of survival and, as all the momoirs show, how courageous people are in the most traumatic circumstances.

There are some fantastic books mentioned on this thread.

For the story of British and Australian women the Japanese POW camps, Women Beyond the Wire is a very good read too.

autumnmum Wed 13-Apr-11 13:59:59

Try Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada. It was written by a German in 1946. It's very bleak but worth reading.

hellokitty278 Wed 13-Apr-11 23:34:49

If you want to read the diary of a young girl inspired by Anne Frank then I recommend this diary by Zlata Filipovic, who wrote her diary during the war in Bosnia.

grandmaforlife Wed 18-May-11 21:05:15

Mein Kampf. The message is abhorrent but a fascinating read! lol

unclefester77 Thu 19-May-11 11:56:36

Have you read Anne's own stories - tales from the house behind? May be out of print but is on Amazon for sure ...

TabithaTwitchet Thu 19-May-11 12:06:52

A woman in Berlin - also a diary.

madhousewife Fri 20-May-11 20:31:28

elie wiesel wrote 'Night' - about his time as a boy in the concentration camp. beautiful, horrific, amazing writer.
please read this book.

TigerseyeMum Mon 23-May-11 23:21:06

I am also reading Alone in Berlin and it is fascinating.
Schindler's Ark is also an amazing read.

I would also recommend Viktor Frankel's Man's Search for Meaning which is a story about how he developed his form of psychotherapy in the concentration camps but it is an incredible read. Truly inspiring.

afussyphase Mon 15-Aug-11 22:08:30

I read a book called Dry Tears, on the same theme, when I was 12 shortly after I read Diary of Anne Frank. It was amazing as I recall.

And then there's this one, not about the Holocaust, it's about the Japanese camps in WW2: have you read The Way of a Boy by Ernest Hillen? I thought it was beautifully written. And I know people who were in the camp he was in, which made it so real and so poignant for me...

zoflora Fri 26-Aug-11 18:11:00

"The past is myself" by Christabel Bielenberg (not sure of spelling)
She was Anglo irish married to a German man and lived in Berlin through the rise of Hilter - her husband fell foul of the regime..

madhousewife Thu 01-Sep-11 21:05:18

please please please read night by elie wiesel.
such an incredible author.
very depressing subject matter just to warn you.

MerylStrop Thu 01-Sep-11 21:09:49

Primo Levi is the most incredible writer. I would second If this is a Man, and also If Not Now when, and The Periodic Table.
Schindler's Ark is also excellent.
I'd like to unreccommend The Book Thief. It is dire.

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