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a good read

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shinesun Mon 25-May-09 08:00:27

can anyone recommend a good read

daniwalkes Mon 25-May-09 17:02:04

yes... the kite runner is brilliant and the lovely bones is an excellent book.
I'm currently reading the boy in the stripped pajamas, its an easy read and quite a short book but very powerful.
for an easy and fun read confessions of a shopaholic is very funny!
What sort of books are you interested in?

shinesun Mon 25-May-09 19:33:35

Thank you daniwalkes
have read both the kite runner and lovely bones, but i will get the other two,
The boy in the stripped pyjames and girl interupped

daniwalkes Mon 25-May-09 21:59:58

girl interupped is possibly my favourit book... i cant count how many times i've read it, it's short and sweet, just a good easy read! let me know how you get on with them!

shinesun Tue 26-May-09 09:07:34

Hi daniwalks
have you read any of Alexander McCall Smith books, number one detective agency etc.
I found them to be a brilliant, aspesially life in Botswana Africa.

nutsnraisins Wed 21-Oct-09 18:55:09

I grew up in Botswana and I love these books.
: )

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