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BOOK OF THE MONTH - vote for April's choice here

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TillyBookClub Tue 17-Mar-09 21:06:38

The battle of the sexes comes alive with April's fantastical gender-bending novels. Vote now to choose your April Book of the Month.

Poll closes at midnight on Friday 27 March.

And don't forget we'll get together to chat about this month's Costa Award-winning first novel, WHAT WAS LOST, on Tuesday 31 March, between 8 and 10pm.

If you're new to the Bookclub you can check out how the Bookclub works, plus you can always grab a bit of literary inspiration from Mumsnet's Best Books Ever.

TillyBookClub Fri 27-Mar-09 08:37:58

Its neck and neck between SACRED COUNTRY and MIDDLESEX - don't forget to vote before midnight and we'll announce the winner tomorrow morning...

AGD Fri 27-Mar-09 13:16:59

Hi Tilly

I don't know if I'm being dense, but when I click on the 'vote now' links it brings up the latest poll results and no obvious way to vote. Am I missing something?


GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 27-Mar-09 16:29:53

AGD, sorry for the delay, there was a techy glitch and the poll thought it was closing at midnight last night. Tis now open [whatever it says on the page!! hmm], please try voting again and it will close at midnight tonight.

Sacred Country by Rose Tremain is currently the front runner.

AGD Fri 27-Mar-09 17:13:13

Thanks. All sorted now. Glad it wasn't me as was feeling pretty stupid!

TillyBookClub Sat 28-Mar-09 09:21:48

Its a tie! SACRED COUNTRY and MIDDLESEX share the pole position with 10 votes each.

We've never had this before so let me confer with the rest of the Mumsnet editors and I'll keep you posted on what happens next...

TillyBookClub Mon 30-Mar-09 13:45:34

We decide to toss a coin, and the winner is..... MIDDLESEX by Jeffrey Eugenides.

You can get your copy here, and see you all on Tuesday 28 April for the chat

And don't forget tomorrow night is March's book club night - we'll be getting stuck into Costa Prize winner WHAT WAS LOST, from 8-10 pm.

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