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And our November Book of the Month is...CASE HISTORIES by Kate Atkinson (discussion Tuesday 25 November)

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TillyBookClub Tue 21-Oct-08 20:00:28

We'll be chatting about our Book of the Month, Kate Atkinson's CASE HISTORIES, a brilliantly inventive take on the crime novel, on Tuesday 25 November from 8-10pm.

I'll let you know asap if the author can join us - and don't forget you can order your copy here.

Keen to know how the votes turned out? Have a snoop at the results here

And, for anyone who missed them first time round, here were November's book choices

suzywong Wed 22-Oct-08 11:06:33

oh that's a great book
2 years on I still think about that

the method they choose to conceal their guilt is very clever

well it made me BAWL
not sure I could discuss it TBH. It was very good though

Oh yes, I read this a few years ago for the first time, and then again last year.

Had mixed feelings about the book.

Am currently trying to read One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson, but can't get into it.

Hassled Wed 22-Oct-08 11:34:08

What a fantastic book - and I've just read the new one, "When will there be good news?" which is if anything even better.

I want to be Kate Atkinson when I grow up.

Seeline Wed 22-Oct-08 14:25:28

I love Kate Atkinson's books - this one is particularly good. Happy reading.

thegrowlygus Wed 22-Oct-08 14:39:23

I love her books too - although she has started to freak me out a little bit - I used to live in York when I read Behind the Scenes at the Museum, then I moved to near Cambridge where another of her books is set (indeed it mentions where I live specifically) and then started to read the one set in Edinburgh on the train on the way to Edinburgh...

I really love Emotionally Weird. And her short stories book.

NorthernLurker Wed 22-Oct-08 18:18:30

Oh dear - well I think I'd better not join you if the author is going to be there because I thought this book was hugely overrated and the plot resolution involved a massive cop-out. Brilliantly inventive - no - brilliantly annoying - yes smile

MamaHobgoblin Thu 23-Oct-08 10:46:27

Ooh ooh! I loved that, and have just read the follow-up (although not the third Jackson Brodie one as it's still HB).

Count me in, anyway!

fullmOOOOOWHOOOOOnfiend Thu 23-Oct-08 18:15:14

I haven't read Emotionally Wired but I do love Kate Atkinson. I really enjoyed this one.

JoolsToo Thu 23-Oct-08 23:35:13

I read this a while ago, it was okay. Don't know what all the fuss is about.

tiredemma Fri 24-Oct-08 18:04:15

I loved Case Histories.

Have been meaning to read some of her other stuff for ages, but haven't got around to it yet.

nooOOOoonki Fri 24-Oct-08 21:24:46

I loved this book

but I lived on the street in Cambridge for a bit where some of this was set, which made it a bit to close to home.

TillyBookClub Tue 28-Oct-08 14:29:22

Kate Atkinson won't be able to join us for this chat, which is a shame, but it does mean everyone can freely express opinion without any embarrassment (Northern Lurker, don't be shy...)

Hope you're all able to join us tonight for THE GHOST ROAD chat - see you at 8

fourlittlefeet Mon 03-Nov-08 15:29:22

Gosh I loved this too. Read it in hospital whilst waiting for pre-eclampsia to end in birth. Bit of a weird time to read it given that its largely about horrible things happening to children!

worzelgummidge Tue 04-Nov-08 02:50:38

I am going to join in. Will pop out and get the book this week.
Shame I won't be able to join in the chat though sad. It'll be 6.30am here. How annoying!!

alittleteapot Tue 04-Nov-08 16:05:50

Just reading first novel since dd was born - An Interpretation of Murder. Would love to join in so will buy Case Histories next!

mum2oneloudbaby Fri 07-Nov-08 15:17:11

just started it and omg one chapter in and i'm bawling. don't know if i'll make it to the end blush

morningpaper Wed 12-Nov-08 22:19:45


I am needing a small sherry when I go to bed to read

mum2oneloudbaby Thu 13-Nov-08 18:15:13

good excuse medicinal use of sherry

maybe i should have one too to get me to the end grin although may increase incidents of the wet eye condition blush

TillyBookClub Fri 14-Nov-08 14:18:25

I agree, had forgotten how strong a stomach needed when reading this. But still enjoy her writing despite the bludgeoning/molesting/grieving going on.

Has anyone read her latest (called When Will There be Good News?)?

morningpaper Mon 17-Nov-08 20:56:55


well I've finished it


I can't believe you made me read it


morningpaper Fri 21-Nov-08 11:50:31

who else has been reading this then?

It was very WELL WRITTEN

I'd like to read more of her books but not if they are harrowing: I'll never sleep grin

cardy Fri 21-Nov-08 16:24:57

Read this a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it, but can't remember it now - I might revisit it now.

mum2oneloudbaby Fri 21-Nov-08 18:07:33

i've nearly finished

tbh i'm struggling to put it down i want to get to the end to see what happens always a sign of a good book

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