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BOOK OF THE MONTH - Bookclub is back! Vote for October's bookclub choice here

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TillyBookClub Wed 24-Sep-08 19:31:42

Bookclub is back in business. Six novels, all previous Booker Prize winners, are waiting for your vote. Only one can be our Book of the Month.

Check out the selection and vote now - poll closes 8pm Tuesday 30 September. We'll get together to chat about the winning book on Tuesday 28 October, between 8 and 10pm.

If you're new to the Bookclub (or the summer holidays have left you gibbering and unable to recall anything beyond the last hour) check out how the Bookclub works, plus you can always grab a bit of literary inspiration from Mumsnet's Best Books Ever.

Can't wait to see who gets to be the Mumsnet Booker of Bookers, so everyone get voting and we'll announce the winner next Tues once the poll closes.

morningpaper Wed 24-Sep-08 20:17:28

Yay! The bookclub returns! I am going to concentrate properly this term...

morningpaper Wed 24-Sep-08 20:19:51

Right I've voted

I think you might be able to SPOT my vote...

Marina Wed 24-Sep-08 20:20:19

Oooh, MP, did you and I vote for the same novel by any chance?

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 24-Sep-08 22:59:01

Yay good to see you back, have coted for one of my tops books ever, and if I mention Troubles you will know what I mean. It is sitting on my shelf waiting to be read again.

lemurtamer Thu 25-Sep-08 09:02:40

Am quite pleased to see I've read two, possible three of these (can't quite remember) and have a fourth on my bookshelf waiting for me. Can't decide which to vote for, probably one I haven't read, will have to consider at leisure.

FeelingLucky Thu 25-Sep-08 09:44:16

I'm new to this and am about to vote now.
Guess you can't lobby for the book you want as nobody seems to have revealed which book they've voted for?

YellowBrickRoad Thu 25-Sep-08 09:51:10

I'm new to this too (although have previously admired from afar) and have cast my vote.

lalaa Thu 25-Sep-08 11:01:37


Delighted it's back. Love the selection.

bondgirl77 Thu 25-Sep-08 16:13:34

I'm new to this too, missing my real life bookclub so will give this a try!

How do you bookmark this page? Do you just click on the 'threads I'm watching' thingy? Sorry that's probably a really basic question isn't it.

Cocodrillo Thu 25-Sep-08 18:23:11

or just post on it (as you have done grin) and then it'll be in your Threads I'm On list.

mum2oneloudbaby Fri 26-Sep-08 08:27:45

really pleased this is back i've been keeping an eye all summer. i really need something to wake up my brain cells which i am sure are still in there somewhere grin

medogsarebarking Fri 26-Sep-08 08:34:26

Oh I'd like to join in too please. I've voted..grin

uberalice Fri 26-Sep-08 16:03:07

Count me in. Never done this before.

tabby0kat Fri 26-Sep-08 22:27:36

Im really pleased to have found this. I love reading and have been thinkin about joining a bookclub lately. This is great I dont even need to go out and pay babysitter!!! lol

TillyBookClub Fri 26-Sep-08 23:23:17

V glad you all in. Keep watching for the winner on this thread - will post at 8.01pm Tuesday...

Cocodrillo Sat 27-Sep-08 21:33:50

I'll be impressed if it really is exactly 8.01pm grin

TillyBookClub Mon 29-Sep-08 13:23:56

I've noticed it says 12am on the poll page - I think I won't try and post at 12.01 am...

Just in case anyone was going to stay up all night, poll will close 8pm not 12am.

Cocodrillo,you know me too well. Punctuality has lapsed in this household since nippers arrived. But I am going to start this new school term with utmost effort and post on time. Watch me...

morningpaper Mon 29-Sep-08 21:52:00

oooh it is a three-horse race

lemurtamer Tue 30-Sep-08 08:34:31

If the Ghost Road wins, would I spoil it if I read it before the other two? I have them ready on my shelf, (lovely editions with covers that make up one big picture, which attracted me like a shiny thing)
but haven't started yet, so don't want to plunge into the third if it's best not to.

marmitemad Tue 30-Sep-08 10:25:45

lemurtamer - I was wondering the same thing

am very blush to admit that I haven't read any of the selection.

midnightexpress Tue 30-Sep-08 11:47:27

Quick quick vote for the Farrell - I reallly want to read it.

georgimama Tue 30-Sep-08 13:22:57

Just voted, but not for a popular choice so will have to see - shamefully have not read any of those books (not very au fait with modern novels) so doesn't really matter which it is.

Am very excited about our tutorial discussion, do they have York Notes on these? Do we have to do an essay?

amanda12 Tue 30-Sep-08 16:56:07

I would like to join please. Have just voted.

ShinyPinkShoes Tue 30-Sep-08 19:52:12

I'm in too- very excited about Oscar & Lucinda, though it looks as though it has a slim chance of being chosen !!

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