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What is this book please

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iknowimlucky Mon 08-Apr-19 21:13:34

I heard sanjib bashir reading a book this week on radio 4 it seemed to be set in London and about a boy being radicalised
I cannot find what it is
Can anyone help please?
Sounded great

Sooverthemill Tue 04-Jun-19 11:08:50

Homefire by Kamila shamsie

badlyneedapedicure Tue 11-Jun-19 22:10:47

Thank you
Have you read it?
Think it's my next book have been drowning in a sea of who'd have guessed the twist mediocre psychological thrillers. Why oh why do I fall for them every time.?

satsumasaturday Sat 15-Jun-19 14:51:47

Me too @badlyneedapedicure and it's really put me off reading for the moment. while I enjoy the books at the time to keep reading them I've not enjoyed them enough to make me want to "get into" reading again. This sounds like something a bit different though so I might look it up.

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