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Little known suggestions for book club books

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Killingthebodyguard Fri 21-Sep-18 21:33:14

Although I enjoy a lot of the mumsnet book club choices, they are often books or authors I am already aware of e.g. Why mummy swears, Celeste Ng, Dawn O'Porter etc Can I ask how the books are chosen and wether readers could suggest more obscure choices that perhaps people wouldn't come across otherwise.

I'll start - I've just finished 'All that was lost' by Alison May - a book that definitely deserves to be better known. It deals with grief, truth and the lies we tell each other and ourselves. The death of a child is sensitively dealt with and is a topic I know many mumsnetters feel is ignored too much in society.

I'm not the author I hasten to add but did come across the book because I knew the author in a very friend of a friend of a colleague round about kind of way!

spinabifidamom Fri 21-Sep-18 23:48:37

I browse the books recommended by the town. Currently reading a book suggested by people living in the area about two friends involved in a horrible car accident. One of them is killed. The other one survived the event. She wakes up at the hospital days after it. Worth reading.

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