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Join Esther Freud to talk about our March Book of the Month, Lucky Break, Tuesday 27 March 9-10pm

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TillyBookClub Wed 29-Feb-12 11:45:14

I am thrilled to announce that March's writer is the stupendous Esther Freud, who started out as an actor (specifically, as an alien in Doctor Who: Attack of the Cybermen) and then went on to write Hideous Kinky, and followed it up with seven more books, including The Wild and The Sea House. In her latest novel, LUCKY BREAK, Esther explores the theatrical world with piercing insight (and a lot of insider knowledge, given her own training and her marriage to David Morrissey).

The story starts with a gauche, anxious group of students at their first day at Drama Arts. Nell, who is no red-carpet queen, feels destined to a lifetime of character parts. Charlie, however, believes success is only her due. Dan has to overcome private fears and the demands of a family to reach his ambition. All of them are made interesting and likeable - no mean feat, given the luvvieness and often ludicrous behaviour of thespy types - by Freud's observant and sympathetic writing. And it is often very funny too. As the Observer put it, 'it is to Freud's immense credit that she has made a profession threaded through by fakery appear so indelibly and excruciatingly real.'

Read more about the book at our book of the month page, plus you can see what the Telegraph says here

The generous folks at Bloomsbury have 100 copies of the book to give away to Mumsnetters. To claim yours, please go to the book of the month page and fill in your details.

We'll post on the thread when all the copies have been sent out but if you're not lucky enough to bag one of those, you can always get your paperback or Kindle version here

Esther Freud will be joining us to talk about LUCKY BREAK, acting, writing and all her novels, on Tuesday 27 March, 9-10pm. So whatever you want to ask and whichever of her books you've read, do come and join us.

Look forward to seeing you all then, and keep posting your thoughts and any advance questions on this thread...

Puds48 Tue 06-Mar-12 21:48:40

Does anyone know how long we have to wait for either the free copy of the book or the book or an email notification of whether or not our app was successful?


ShadeMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 07-Mar-12 15:06:58

The free copies of Lucky Break have now gone. I'll send an email to all the successful applicants by the end of the week.

DazR Fri 09-Mar-12 11:48:10

Just heard I've got a copy coming - can't wait to start reading - Mumsnet doesn't give us busy mums much time to read it before the end of the month!

DuchessofMalfi Fri 09-Mar-12 12:43:11

Let's hope it isn't the size of a house brick then grin.

bigbadbarry Fri 09-Mar-12 13:13:18

That's what I thought, Duchess. Under 200 pages please.

AnonymousBird Sat 10-Mar-12 13:34:53

320, according to Amazon

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 11-Mar-12 17:56:05

Marking place for later about 40% of the way through atm.

QuaaludesAndRedWine Mon 12-Mar-12 00:00:23

I couldn't see where to apply for the free copy on the book page! On safari (Mac) - would that be why?

champagnesupernova Mon 12-Mar-12 12:53:32

quaaludes, sometimes MNHQ take things off if the offer has expired? Maybe all the books have been allocated by now?

NoraHelmer Tue 13-Mar-12 10:54:17

Has anyone else received their copy yet? Not sure if maybe it's just mine that hasn't arrived. It's getting a bit short on time to read it now sad.

AnonymousBird Tue 13-Mar-12 11:05:25

Mine is not here yet..

coni336 Tue 13-Mar-12 12:10:08

Have any of you had email saying you are getting one?

AnonymousBird Tue 13-Mar-12 12:33:11

I got an email from Shade (MNHQ) a few days ago to say it would be on its way soon.

bigbadbarry Tue 13-Mar-12 12:54:14

I've had an email but no book yet.

coni336 Tue 13-Mar-12 13:01:06

oh maybe i won't get one this time then sad

ShadeMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 13-Mar-12 15:44:02

So sorry about the delay. Rest assured we're vigorously chasing the publishers, we'd like to get those copies in your hands asap.

gailforce1 Tue 13-Mar-12 16:42:36

Thanks Shade, looking forward to receiving my copy and getting started!

NoraHelmer Tue 13-Mar-12 17:43:36

Me too!

Abcinthia Wed 14-Mar-12 09:39:41

My copy arrived this morning! DD loves the wombals activity pack that came with it.

marshmallowpies Wed 14-Mar-12 11:02:28

Ohh dear, how did I miss this? Esther Freud is one of my favourite authors, but I'm not spending money on new books at the moment...if I see it in a charity shop I will snap it up and speed-read to be in time for the discussion!

Teaddict Wed 14-Mar-12 11:57:35

Hi Esther I'm loving this easy read, great insight into the acting world. When I'm loafing about in cafes with my kids I'll be wondering if there are any out of work actors in my midst! (If so they're probably wishing my DDs would be quiet and keep their crumbs to themselves so they can get on with lining up the sugar packets...)

Question for Esther - did you go to drama school and study method acting? How on earth can you take it seriously?!

juneybean Wed 14-Mar-12 13:13:41

Mine has arrived, will get on it when I've finished current book grin

Nevergarglebrandybutter Wed 14-Mar-12 16:41:05

Still no book here. sad

NoraHelmer Wed 14-Mar-12 17:00:52

I'm hoping my copy turns up tomorrow sad.

HandMadeTail Wed 14-Mar-12 17:22:59

I have a message for Esther, in case I don't make it to the live chat bit. Earlier on I made a comment which in retrospect was quite rude to your mother, and to you. I do apologise for this.

But perhaps you could let us know how autobiographical your novels are, and how much the characters are inspired by real life people.

Many thanks, and sorry, once again for being so insulting to your mother.blush

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