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The Time-Traveller's Bookclub - where would you go?

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TillyBookClub Mon 27-Feb-12 13:10:29

Been reading The Paris Wife for our bookclub chat tomorrow night and thinking about Midnight in Paris (winner of Best Screenplay Oscar), and then found this literary time-travel arcticle in the Guardian

So, who would you most like to hang with? Which literary period is your golden era? Could you face a road-trip with Jack Kerouac? Would you rather be gazing at daffodils with Wordsworth, Coleridge and Shelley? Discussing heartbreak with the Brontes? Would Nancy Mitford be more of a laugh than Jane Austen?

I had a brief moment of thinking it'd be fun to sit with Ancient Greeks and hear those myths told out loud. But then I realised that was just because I'd like to be in Greece.

I'd like to stride in Dorset with Thomas Hardy, but I have a feeling he might not talk very much, and be quite annoyed by all my pesky questions.

Where would you go?

Nevergarglebrandybutter Tue 28-Feb-12 12:34:33

Great question (and one i've put to Paula McLain).

As a child I wanted to hang out with Heidi, herding goats etc.

Inspired by Midnight in Paris and the Paris wife I'm spending a lot of daydreaming time in 1920s Paris right now. Although it's shame i don't suit the fashions.

But I do like a bit of 1940's style and love the fashions of then, so it might be Andrea Levy's Small Island in Jamaica/London. I know it's wrong to want to experience an anderson shelter but I do.

Ooh and then there's the 90's in Thailand with Alex Garlands The Beach.

Too many choices.

Ok 1940s London. <gavel>

DuchessofMalfi Thu 01-Mar-12 16:37:27

Like you, brandy, I was rather envious of Heidi and her idyllic mountain life. Then I wanted to be a Bronte, until I realised they all died young of TB sad.

I'd love to visit the jazz era of F Scott Fitzgerald, though I suspect he and his crowd would find me terribly dull grin.

Nevergarglebrandybutter Sun 11-Mar-12 22:57:18

why haven't more people posted on this thread? it's a good thread.

BertieBotts Sun 11-Mar-12 23:00:44

Nevergargle, have you ever been to the Imperial War Museum in London? They have a blitz experience thing which is terrifying very good and IIRC there is an anderson shelter you can cram your whole family in for the real experience.

I want to go to Hogwarts grin although actually I'd love to have met JK Rowling before she was famous and just had a chat with her. She seems like a very clever, lovely lady. Shame I was about 10 blush

Nevergarglebrandybutter Sun 11-Mar-12 23:03:04

I haven't but I will now. thanks. grin

LadyDamerel Sun 11-Mar-12 23:56:01

I would go to Georgette Heyer's Regency London, with occasional forays to Bath to take the waters. I would wear sprig muslin dresses and bonnets and be outrageously flirted with by rakishly handsome Lords and Earls.

(Tilly, why don't you move this to Adult Fiction where more people will see it?)

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