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Join EMMA DONOGHUE to talk about the Booker-shortlisted ROOM - our February Book of the Month - on Weds 16 February, 8-9pm

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TillyBookClub Mon 17-Jan-11 11:49:00

Our February Book of the Month shot to international bestsellerdom as soon as it was published in August 2010. ROOM by Emma Donoghue has been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and won the Hughes & Hughes Irish Novel of the Year. It has also been a finalist for International Author of the Year (Galaxy National Book Awards). 

We've also got a very special giveaway this month - the extremely generous Picador peeps are giving Mumsnetters 500 exclusive free copies of ROOM so quickly head to Picador's website to claim yours before they all get snatched up. There's also a taster chapter and interviews to whet your appetite.

We are delighted that Emma will be joining us on Wednesday February 16, 8-9 pm for the bookclub discussion - look forward to seeing you all there...

And you can read further interviews, watch trailers and get all the reviews for ROOM at Emma's website or you can also read the Booker Prize website's interview with Emma to find out more

NoseyNooNoo Mon 24-Jan-11 21:00:56

What's the appeal - can anyone convince me that this type of scenario is a good read?

DaftApeth Mon 24-Jan-11 21:04:34

Thanks, Heymammy. Have replied.

Thank you so much x

Horton Mon 24-Jan-11 22:08:38

It's really well-written, NoseyNooNoo. It's not in the least sensationalised and actually the most interesting part is the second half of the book (I can't say more for fear of spoilers).

I also read this incredibly fast as I just couldn't put it down. A really wonderful book.

I am really looking forward to more by the same author.

Ohforfoxsake Tue 25-Jan-11 10:38:28

Nosey - I wasn't, and still am not, entirely convinced by the concept of the story. But saying that, the central character was compelling and it was well written. I don't want to say much either, for fear of spoiling it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

therachelpapers Tue 25-Jan-11 11:19:54

What a coup! Should be a great discussion. SPOILER ALERT This book is very hard to talk about without giving it all away! But I would love to hear from Emma about which of the two quite different sections of the book she found more challenging to write, Room or Outside, and why. (I am in Australia, so out of chat time zone!) Thanks.

NoseyNooNoo Tue 25-Jan-11 13:28:23

Hmmm, I'm beginning to wonder - should I read it?

NoseyNooNoo Tue 25-Jan-11 13:35:02

If I read it will it make me feel sad? I'm the sort of person who reads about a topic like this and lies awake disturbed by it.

It isn't sad, because the narrator isn't sad iyswim. It is very moving, though. Just finished it on Kindle.

ivykaty44 Tue 25-Jan-11 16:05:14

the narrator isn't sad, he hasn't ever known any different all his life and that is part of the point surely?

Horton Tue 25-Jan-11 16:13:07

I think it's quite uplifting, actually. The resilience of the characters and their bravery is pretty amazing stuff.

Ohforfoxsake Tue 25-Jan-11 16:39:16

It's SO hard not to talk about it!

heymammy Tue 25-Jan-11 17:06:49

Book is in the post Daft, be prepared to do nothing for a couple days grin

earwicga Tue 25-Jan-11 17:48:22

Have the books been sent out? Just wondering in case I was lucky enough to have been allocated one, knowing that I will not be lucky enough to have a day spare to read it.

Horton Tue 25-Jan-11 22:17:40

>> It's SO hard not to talk about it!

It really is! I keep nearly posting enormous spoilers.

ShoonaBee Wed 26-Jan-11 16:21:56

Several members of my (all female, purely by coincidence, not by design) book club read this last year just after it came out and they took a few months to persuade the rest of us to read it, as most of us are mums and couldn't face what appeared to be such a traumatic read.
I finally read it a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. The type of book I had to keep picking up while making the tea etc, so the kids kept asking me what I was reading (hard to describe it loosely to the 7 and 10 year olds without scaring them though). Exceptionally imaginative and involving, superb use of language, very hopeful story and actually made me feel like a poor parent, in terms of the amazing parenting the mother in the book manages in such severe circumstances.
My book club is discussing it in a couple of weeks so v interested to see what the author has to say and what other Mumsnetters think. smile

Rowan49 Wed 26-Jan-11 19:35:54

I absolutely loved this book and have bought two copies (oops) - one for my classroom as I think some of my students will love it (I teach 11 - 18 year olds English)

madwomanintheattic Thu 27-Jan-11 01:57:03

ooo, ghosteditor, that's my hometown but i'm not living there at the mo! been to a few of their book festival events grin

and no freebie for me, either, as our book club are doing this on monday 31st jan, so i've already bought and read. bah humbug.

i wanted it to be in two parts with two narrators though. as a parent i was quite interested in the situation from the 'woman to mother' side - it could have been really interesting dealing with this in isolation, unaffected by society/ cultural expectations of motherhood. i thought the narrative as it stood was fine though - if a bit 'curious incident of the dog in the night time', so it was interesting to think of it from an aspergers/ social integration pov as well.

the juxtaposition of the two voices would have made it for me it hink. <moan moan, whinge whinge>

sarimillie Thu 27-Jan-11 08:14:59

Another one curious to know if the books have been sent out- does anyone know?

eyeofhorus Thu 27-Jan-11 11:23:42

yes, got my free one today!

arentfanny Thu 27-Jan-11 11:53:10

Got mine today, library copy returned.

DaftApeth Thu 27-Jan-11 12:30:17

Heymammy, it's here!

Thank you so much and you are so lovely to add in the treat wink

I shall delve into one later and start the book as soon as I have finished my current read - probably tomorrow.

I shall definitely pass it on when finished.


muddyangels123 Thu 27-Jan-11 12:48:43

My Free copy arrived this morning.
I can't wait to start reading.grin

flippinggorgeous Thu 27-Jan-11 13:17:57

Just got mine, thank you so much. You are far quicker than Radox.

deepdarkwood Thu 27-Jan-11 13:20:03

My copy arrived today smile - I have to say, from the cover (if I hadn't heard about it), I would have assumed this was going to be another of the miserable 'Crap Childhood' books - the Child Called It-style. Am looking forwards to reading it now.

Do we have a thread to discuss it yet?

GlynistheMenace Thu 27-Jan-11 13:49:29

*waves at group!

i got mine today, i had forgotten i'd applied but look forward to reading it

thanks bookclub


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