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Join EMMA DONOGHUE to talk about the Booker-shortlisted ROOM - our February Book of the Month - on Weds 16 February, 8-9pm

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TillyBookClub Mon 17-Jan-11 11:49:00

Our February Book of the Month shot to international bestsellerdom as soon as it was published in August 2010. ROOM by Emma Donoghue has been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and won the Hughes & Hughes Irish Novel of the Year. It has also been a finalist for International Author of the Year (Galaxy National Book Awards). 

We've also got a very special giveaway this month - the extremely generous Picador peeps are giving Mumsnetters 500 exclusive free copies of ROOM so quickly head to Picador's website to claim yours before they all get snatched up. There's also a taster chapter and interviews to whet your appetite.

We are delighted that Emma will be joining us on Wednesday February 16, 8-9 pm for the bookclub discussion - look forward to seeing you all there...

And you can read further interviews, watch trailers and get all the reviews for ROOM at Emma's website or you can also read the Booker Prize website's interview with Emma to find out more

elkiedee Wed 16-Feb-11 22:01:25

I had to go and settle my toddler in the middle of the discussion, but thanks for such an interesting one.

gailforce1 Wed 16-Feb-11 22:09:24

TILLY - The Slap is on my list of books to read so looking forward to it. Unfortunately I was out tonight but have read through the thread and agree that it was the best yet. I think that the book choices so far this year have been excellent so thank you!

kirriemummy Wed 16-Feb-11 22:38:20

Loved this book so much, but missed the discussion unfortunately!

I've read the discussion through now and thought that the questions and answers were exactly what I would have asked - so thank you everyone! I was particularly happy about the answers from Emma on why Ma was adopted and what she said about Steppa not wanting to make it a 'only women can parent' book, and championing the idea that the love and nurturing children is more important than traditional family roles.

I also thought that the person who said it seemed to be inspired by traditional fairy tales struck on a really interesting point.

I think that Ma is an absolutely inspiring character and it would do a lot of new mums much more good to read this rather than the umpteenth parenting guide sold to them!

I've handed my husband the book now, and am waiting for him to (slowly) read it before I can find out if it is more of a female or male book!

I admit I was desperate to read Room for about 6 months before I got it for christmas, and it lived up to my expectations - I'm feeling a bit less enthusiastic about the slap but this has been such a good experience this month I'll give it a go!

moodymama Thu 17-Feb-11 09:21:03

From the comments/reviews on Amazon about The Slap, I think I'll give it a miss.

Coca Thu 17-Feb-11 10:22:39

Arrghh! Missed the discussion yesterday.
I loved Room. This may seem bonkers but there were times when they were still in Room that I really envied Ma and Jack. Obviously I don't mean their captivity and the repeated rape but the bond they have, Ma's strength, Jack's innocence and the simple things that made Jack happy. It reminded me of some parts of my childhood when we were expats in a very poor country. My own Mother was also really resourceful with keeping us all entertained and stimulated. I envy that as I find it all too easy to pander to my dcs' advert driven demands for all manner of plastic crap. Funnily enough Mum was sometines Gone.

The book made me look at myself as a mother. I'm the coffe shop mum and my DH and I have a tendancy to be Paul and his wife. We argue over such trivial things without realising how stressful it must be for the dcs.

Thank you so much for the book, The characters were all so human, flawed but full of thier own strengh.

RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 17-Feb-11 22:20:45

If you've not yet read the book, or want to buy a copy for a friend, Picador have joined up with to offer a last half-price offer - buy Room for just £3.99 incl. P + P - offer is open until 23rd Feb only so do spread the word.

KatharineClifton Wed 02-Nov-11 11:47:57

Bump ;)

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