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BOOK OF THE MONTH IS BACK! – vote now for September’s choice

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TillyBookClub Tue 07-Sep-10 12:46:53

New term, new pencil case and new spin on bookclub. For the following months we're inviting Britain's top authors to come and chat to Mumsnet bookclubbers, and it'll be your decision which of their titles is up for discussion.  As usual, there will be a choice of four paperbacks - the author's latest, plus three backlist books - and you will vote for the one you'd like as our Book of the Month. The author will join us at the end of the month and you can put every question to them, whether about the chosen book or anything else.

To kick off the season, SEBASTIAN FAULKS is joining us as Author of the Month on Thursday 30 September, 8-9.30pm. A prolific writer for radio, TV and newspapers, he is the author of thirteen books and was awarded the CBE in 2002. We've picked four bestsellers for our September selection- which one will be your favourite to win Book of the Month?

The poll is now open and will close at midnight on Monday 13 September.

We'll get together to discuss the winner and talk to Sebastian on Thursday 30 September, 8-9.30 pm (take note, it is not a Tuesday as usual)

And for those new to Bookclub, here is how it works

MayorNaze Tue 07-Sep-10 16:20:37

hurrah the one i want is winning the poll grin

Pluto Tue 07-Sep-10 20:59:35

Well, I've just given it my vote too MayorNaze

clemetteattlee Tue 07-Sep-10 22:10:08

I voted solely based on the fact that I have that one on my shelf.

snice Tue 07-Sep-10 22:35:53

I want all of them - decisions, decisions

onadietcokebreak Tue 07-Sep-10 22:40:07

I was only looking at a week in december today and Im not much of a reader but intend to start this!

gailforce1 Wed 08-Sep-10 22:09:41

I have got a copy of A Week in December today in the hope that it is chosen and am starting it tonight!

CowWatcher Thu 09-Sep-10 17:37:43

What about Human Traces? I love that one best of all.

NickOfTime Thu 09-Sep-10 22:42:43

ugh, could not get into human traces at all.

are we having a walk down memory lane? i thought everyone read birdsong first time around?

but would like to say huge thank you for not including the dreadful charlotte gray.

vote 'engleby' ra ra!

Keziahhopes Sat 11-Sep-10 23:42:22

Human Traces here as well.

But a good reason to read one I haven't with it not listed!

Jajas Sun 12-Sep-10 00:26:48

I loved Engleby and Birdsong, not so much Human Traces but still persevering. A Week in December wasn't anything like as 'meaty' as his other work.

Roopoo Sun 12-Sep-10 09:32:40

Engleby was brilliant
I loved it and couldnt put it down!!!!!

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 13-Sep-10 12:26:33

As of a few minutes ago, 126 people had voted and A Week in December is just pipping Birdsong to the post.

If you haven't voted, please hurry up!! Today's the last day to vote in this month's book club poll.

Please check tomorrow to see which book won, and then beg, borrow or steal buy a copy so you can join Sebastian Faulks on 30 Sept.

goodmanners Mon 13-Sep-10 17:14:52

i just did - only just started readign again - i picked the one i thought might be a slushy chick flick book grin. Are any or are they all deep clever books i tire off.

TillyBookClub Tue 14-Sep-10 08:33:51

We have a winner - A WEEK IN DECEMBER just steamed ahead with 49 votes, putting BIRDSONG in second place with 41.

Here is the discussion night thread, look forward to seeing everyone on Thurs 30 September.

And don't forget you can ask Sebastian about any of his books, so whichever one is your favourite, come along...

onadietcokebreak Tue 14-Sep-10 17:55:54

Just picked up my reservation from the library.......

Jajas Wed 15-Sep-10 20:21:04

Humph, A Week in December wasn't a patch on Birdsong.

goodmanners, Sebastian Faulks doesn't 'do' chick flick but A Week in December is probably the closest you will get which is why I didn't like it!

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