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The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler - what did your child think?

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SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 04-Sep-17 17:40:17

Introducing the new picture book by The Gruffalo creators, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. The Ugly Five is perfect for readers aged 3+. Find out more about the brains behind this book and so many others.

Meet Wildebeest and Warthog, Spotted Hyena, Lappet-Faced Vulture and Marabou Stork. People call them the Ugly Five - but are they really?

On safari, Julia Donaldson was introduced to the admired 'Big Five': Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo. However, she was more intrigued by the 'Ugly Five' and made them the stars of her new story – brought to life by Axel Scheffler's pictures.

We ask all winners to share their child's thoughts on the book. Everyone who posts their detailed feedback by midday, Monday 20 November will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Love2shop voucher.

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This giveaway is sponsored by Scholastic Kids

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Sj10 Mon 04-Sep-17 20:41:33

This would be great for my ds well all 4 kids their firm faves of JD and AS books. In fact we read highway rat for bedtime this evening

user1495997773 Tue 05-Sep-17 21:22:56

the link won't let me enter the giveaway, is there another way of getting in to it?

PacificDogwod Tue 05-Sep-17 21:24:34

Oh, I love JD smile
We once saw her and her husband perform Stickman. In German.
Neither one of them speak German but they thought they'd give it a bash grin
They were magnificent. I love people who don't take themselves too seriously.

PacificDogwod Tue 05-Sep-17 21:24:51

Link is not working for me either.

PacificDogwod Tue 05-Sep-17 21:26:43

Hang on, the link in the first paragraph of MNHQ's OP worked for me just there smile

SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Sep-17 09:33:12

Apologies - both links are now working smile

FlowerTink Thu 07-Sep-17 13:35:24

Applied smile My DD loves their books!

user1495997773 Thu 07-Sep-17 21:20:44

Great, I've managed to complete my details now. Keeping my fingers crossed X

GetHappy Wed 13-Sep-17 20:28:51

Fingers crossed for a copy.

DD and I love her books .... current favourite A squash and a squeeze

GetHappy Tue 26-Sep-17 19:59:40

Received my email to say I have been successful in obtaining a free copy!!

Can't wait to read with DD!!

frenchfancy17 Sat 07-Oct-17 09:03:01

Has anyone recieved their copy yet?

GetHappy Sat 07-Oct-17 20:48:05

I haven't received mine!

frenchfancy17 Sun 08-Oct-17 18:53:47

Me either. Though it had been a while.

SarahWB Mon 09-Oct-17 17:41:46

We haven't received ours yet either.

user1495997773 Tue 10-Oct-17 07:12:49

Nope, still not received our copy. Glad it's not just me!

NerrSnerr Tue 10-Oct-17 10:24:01

We haven't received ours yet either.

SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 10-Oct-17 11:43:58

Hi folks - we're just looking into this now! flowers

frenchfancy17 Tue 10-Oct-17 18:19:13

Thank you! Have replied to the email too smile

GetHappy Tue 10-Oct-17 18:51:53

Thank you. Have also replied to the email

GetHappy Wed 18-Oct-17 16:57:56

I still haven’t received my copy - has anyone else?

user1495997773 Wed 18-Oct-17 20:52:10

Me neither! Have they been sent out yet MNHQ?

NerrSnerr Mon 23-Oct-17 12:29:33

Ours has just arrived. It’s the hardback edition as well. Will have a very excited 3 year old after preschool :-)

GetHappy Mon 23-Oct-17 12:45:50

Oooh - hope mines at home when I get there

Annimousey Mon 23-Oct-17 19:20:40

We received our book today and I read it to my eldest who is almost 5.

We absolutely loved it! We're massive Julia Donaldson fans and she has authored some of our favourite children's books so we were really excited to give this one a read.

The book is in rhyming form, which is something my son loves as we're massive poetry fans and he loves stories with a rhythm.

It also has a good moral too - that someone could feel the ugliest person in the world but that someone out there will think they're the most loveliest. smile

In all we loved the book!

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