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Find out what Mumsnetters thought of these potty training books from Ladybird

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SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 04-Sep-17 12:39:03

Ladybird's Pirate Pete and Princess Polly's Potty are fun and friendly potty training books, to help children feel confident and comfortable using the potty. Find out more about the books.

What Ladybird say:

Potty training is a crucial stage of a child's life and at Ladybird, we use stories to unlock the magic in these everyday 'little big moments'. Children can choose to follow either Pirate Pete or Princess Polly, depending on their preference of character.

For years parents have praised the series for its gentle and fun adventure story which children can enjoy, relate to and interact with by pressing the "cheer" sound effect. After all, even pirates and princesses use the potty!

We ask all winners to share their thoughts on either Pirate Pete's or Princess Polly's Potty. Everyone who posts their detailed feedback by Monday 30 October will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Love2shop voucher.

Buy Pirate Pete's Potty board book and sticker book on Amazon

Buy Princess Polly's Potty board book and sticker book on Amazon

This giveaway is sponsored by Ladybird

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samii1989 Mon 04-Sep-17 15:09:37


FlowerTink Thu 07-Sep-17 13:38:00

Done smile

Summerdays2014 Wed 13-Sep-17 13:23:31

Ermmm... filled in the form but can't find a submit button to enter?

Sandsnake Thu 14-Sep-17 19:00:48

Coincidentally I bought this book for DS a couple of days ago!

I'd take issue with Ladybird saying that children can choose either book based on their 'preference of character' though, when the pirate one is clearly labelled 'for boys' and the princess one 'for girls'.

OutnumberedbyFurchesters Wed 27-Sep-17 10:28:12

Got the book this morning - but the cheer doesn't work! sad

I took the tag out of the back but no sound at all. confused

BingBongBingBong Wed 27-Sep-17 13:15:11

Got it today (the Princess one) can't wait to read it with my DD!

Chocness Wed 27-Sep-17 14:00:11

Got the book today and so far only interest has been the cheer button (!) but it's early days and at least there is some interest.

I like the sturdiness of the book, the bright colours on every page and the questions that it asks to really get my toddler to think. I did wince at the picture of the poo in the potty on the penultimate page though but maybe that's just me being a bit daft and prudish. Interesting illustration though!!!

MelanieD77 Wed 27-Sep-17 14:04:25

Hello, we received this today and my little boy loves it! He can't stop pressing the button to hear the cheer and is very interested in all the bright pictures. We aren't quite ready for potty training yet, but this book is great for getting him used to the idea and teaching him all about using the potty. We actually already have a copy of Princess Polly's Potty which we used when potty training my little girl so I'm so happy to have this one for my son. She used to love the pictures, especially the ones of the big girl pants and loved deciding which she liked best. Princess Polly was a huge help to us in potty training our daughter and helped it all to go quite smoothly (give or take the odd mishap) and I'm hoping that Pirate Pete will do the same for my little boy. Thanks again for a lovely prize!

Mozarmstrong Thu 28-Sep-17 18:46:02

This princess polly book is amazing love the bright colours funny pics and potty training story. My little one already pointing and laughing at pics so all looks positive .

kateandme Fri 29-Sep-17 11:07:21

I admit to beign a little sceptical.i understand there or people that will need a little extra help with potty training.but for me its parenting.its telling showing doing with your child to the potty.i need toilet.sit on potty them.sit.done. ok not that easy often but this process there about as time goes on the child will do as you say.
I'm so concerned about the way parenting seems to be heading at the we don't ever just tell them and expect them to listen and trust we are doing and telling whats we are getting too pc or nambie pambie.
how we are shaking the walls of strength the dcs should feel regarding us partly because of our stance on given processes and beahviours. we teach them they learn from us and we hold them stready and safe with the right dosage of,love,compassiona and cuddles hehe.
to need help or direction or character or rewards or coddlign through everything....I don't no.
it was a lovely book though.and again for the section that struggles this could really help.and even to those who succeed it could keep added encouragement.
sturdy pages too which I liked.
I don't like how I due to the times we live in thought "oh here we go the people are going to come flaming these guys for boy and girl books" when years ago it would have been "awww wicked one for our son and one for our girl how special" when did we put girl and boy colours or books with such demonic connotations.

LizMay29 Sat 30-Sep-17 11:58:36

My son seems to be interested in this book, the cheer button makes it more interactive and helps keep his attention. I like the board book format and the bright colourful pictures.

RussellB Sun 01-Oct-17 10:28:16

Arrived quickly. Once I had managed to remove the tag for the cheer sound I looked through it and it's colourful, strong and interesting with relevant images. A good straight forward read that will be very useful when the time comes.

Roundandroundtheapartment Tue 03-Oct-17 12:29:47

My dd loves this book, my older ds had the pirate version when he was little and it DID help (because listening to mum waffling on about the toilet wasn't his favourite thing to do)
I like the bright colourful pages, I also like the examples of other family members and all the different types of underwear and potties.
Obviously the cheer is a huge hit smile
Thank you mumsnet and Ladybird for the opportunity to review flowers

Ashhead24 Tue 03-Oct-17 18:07:18

We had pirate Pete, my ds (2) really concentrated on it the first time we read it. Wouldn't let me press the button for quite a while though as he found it frightening, but is ok now. He was especially interested in the page with the wee and poo in the potty, took it to show DP. Next morning we picked out some pants and agreed he'd try to go on the potty like Pete, really did feel like the book had helped him process the concept. Unfortunately we've had a few days of being unwell with diarrhoea since, but am going to reintroduce the book at the weekend to try and have another go.

Thanks very much for the book, I'd definitely recommend to anyone.

HWELLS01 Wed 04-Oct-17 22:08:54

This book arrived soooo quickly! Lovely drawings and my DD loved the cheer button. We're in the early stages of potty training but going well so far ! The book encourages her to sit on her potty just like princess polly and she loves picking out her gave potty and knickers for each member of our family haha !!

SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 05-Oct-17 11:42:15

Hi folks - glad to hear the book's proving useful so far. To respond to @Sandsnake's comment, Ladybird would like to say they are actually removing the boys/girls labels from the front cover from now on.

Happy reading and training!

user1488557965 Thu 05-Oct-17 11:48:57

I thought the book was very good. I cannot wait to read it to my young grandson.

Slightlydippy Thu 05-Oct-17 12:00:13

Perfect timing for us winning this book. My little boy loves this book with the cheer button being his favourite. I like it taking us through the entire journey of potty training and the interactive way of choosing which potty and pants my little one would choose. My son is autistic and a very visual learner so it really hit the mark with him. Great wee book. Thank you ladybird books.😊

Amaksy Thu 05-Oct-17 12:11:39

Oh gosh, this arrived just in time for potty training and has been great.
I read it with my 2 yr old and he loved pressing the buttons before turning the page.

Very good read and involves the reader so interactive too

sallyc06 Thu 05-Oct-17 15:48:57

Fab little book, had the pirate board book and Teddy loved it. Posted review on Amazon

HelenSw4les Thu 05-Oct-17 18:45:23

I'm very impressed with the princess book, my little one is too young to start potty training as yet but we've looked at the book together several times and she loves pressing the cheer sound button. I'm hopeful this will help with potty training when it's our turn.

Summergarden Thu 05-Oct-17 20:28:29

My son has really enjoyed this book. It is all very engaging and relevant to potty training.

The sound button makes it even more fun.

dointhedo Thu 05-Oct-17 21:19:24

Lovely book, it absorbed my 2yo DS for the duration although he's rather keen on pressing the 'hooray' button, which is distracting. Thank you for sending it through - we've gone from potty training feeling like it was miles off to something achievable!

windowmouse Sat 07-Oct-17 08:11:53

Received the book last week and my son loves it, the sounds button is a big hit and hopefully it will help us with potty training soon!

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