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Find out what Mumsnetters' children thought of Do You Speak Chocolate? by Cas Lester

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SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 29-Aug-17 14:37:20

Introducing Do You Speak Chocolate? - Cas Lester's witty and wise novel about growing up and all that comes with it.

Jaz has found the best way to make friends with new girl Nadima, who doesn't speak much English, by offering her a chocolate bar. Nadima grins and offers back some Turkish Delight: the ice is broken and the two form an instant bond.

But the path of true friendship doesn't always run smooth. From a plan to sell Turkish Delight to a fiasco in Charity Challenge Week, Jaz (ever the entrepreneur) seems to be getting everything wrong. Can she find a way to put things right?

We ask all winners to share their child’s thoughts about the book on this discussion thread. Everyone who gives detailed feedback on Do You Speak Chocolate? by midday, Monday 30 October will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Love2shop voucher.

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pinkingshears Wed 30-Aug-17 21:46:34

I'd love to apply but I have to give my MN name plus my real one and my address???

Clawdy Thu 31-Aug-17 10:12:20

Well, yes, because otherwise how could the publisher send the book to you? They would need your name and address.

pinkingshears Fri 01-Sep-17 16:07:34

Fair point.
Since my IP address was stolen from MN and dumped online I am twitchy about linking my MN name and my real name, I guess.

SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 01-Sep-17 17:46:20

Hi @pinkingshears - just to reassure you:

When you enter an MN giveaway or other similar competition, you fill out a secure Wufoo form and we only pass on the winners' relevant details (e.g. name and address) to the publisher in order - and only to be used - to send your prize to you. This information is not stored onsite and we do not pass on MN nicknames, or emails (the latter only with your consent).

In regards to the site in general, we have made many improvements to our security in recent times. All data we hold is stored securely and only accessible by authorised members of MNHQ and we regularly review the data held, and delete information that is no longer needed. For more on this, take a look at our privacy policy.

I hope that helps! Best of luck if you decide to apply for the giveaway flowers

IamEarthymama Thu 07-Sep-17 15:40:12

I would love this fir my granddaughter
I also work with refugees and asylum seekers, so great for girls in their families too.

Fanjango Thu 07-Sep-17 21:10:15

Done. Friendships are a major issue for my dd. Maybe some inspiration in this

RestingBitchFaceKeepsYouYoung Thu 07-Sep-17 21:12:42

DD1(10) would love this as she's just moved school and struggling with the cultural differences. This might give her hope!

Picklesandpies Fri 08-Sep-17 09:04:56

I have entered. Hope I'm not too late. My 10 year old daughter would love this I think.

valeinoyikbuno Fri 08-Sep-17 09:29:24

Sounds great!

ChoccyJules Thu 21-Sep-17 12:45:25

Book arrived today so DD will get it when she comes in after school.

clairethewitch70 Thu 21-Sep-17 13:55:06

A copy arrived today. I will pass onto DS to read. Although he is 18 he is dyslexic and his essential skills tutor in college suggested he read this level of book.

windowmouse Mon 25-Sep-17 16:43:07

Book arrived last week, first impressions are positive from my daughter, she really liked the characters and is keen to carry on reading!

hedsor3 Mon 25-Sep-17 18:53:37

My daughter aged 11 read this book in 2 days - here's her review:
This book was so good. I really liked it because you had school life from the point of view of a dyslexic. It makes you feel sorry for Nadima and her family. It really shows how hard life in Syria is. My favourite part was when Jaz and Nadima re-enact Nadima's life story during drama. There is so many hilarious parts of the book as well as emotional parts.

katb1973 Mon 25-Sep-17 21:09:49

Thanks for the copy Mumsnet my 10 year old sped read through this great book in 2 days and really enjoyed the story of Jaz and Nadima's blossoming friendship with some hitches along the way. Very relevant to some current affair issues with refugees from Syria and their integration in cultures different to their own but handled sensitively and without focusing too heavily. Perfect for 9+ and as a teacher I feel that reading it at schools would be great in opening up discussions about the various topics it highlights.

HermanCakeDestroyer Tue 26-Sep-17 07:50:14

My 12 yo son who loves books said me me ‘this is a great book that you’ve been sent mum!’ He is really enjoying it so far just a couple of chapters in.

ChoccyJules Wed 27-Sep-17 12:26:01

DD who has just turned 9 says that this book is funny and interesting so far and she thinks it's definitely for her age and above because it has topics and vocab she needs to ask us about. Full review to follow when she's finished it.

Namethecat Sat 30-Sep-17 07:52:47

Son aged 6.5 . He is still all robots, Star Wars and aliens but I thought I'd read this to him to show that books can be about emotions and friendship as well. I can report back that he quite enjoyed it and did listen to the story but I'm not sure if he would ask for it again.

midi1975 Sat 30-Sep-17 11:20:45

C. (9) thoroughly enjoyed this book. She really liked how the friendship between the two girls progressed. She found the book funny but it also had serious issues.She was so impressed with it that she read it within 2 days.I thought the book was well written. Highly recommended.

lexy444 Sun 01-Oct-17 09:29:07

My son aged 9, has just started the story, he said so far he likes how realistic the story is, it's not a magical world so far, it's the real world!

HermanCakeDestroyer Sun 01-Oct-17 15:19:59

My 12 yo DS thought this book was very good. ‘It still tells the story but it’s written in a modern way. All of the characters are good at heart although they don’t show it through the whole story.
If the author writes another book I would read it.
I would recommend this book to 8-12 year old girls or boys although ‘it was quite girlie!’
Many thanks for the opportunity to review this book.

pattiesplum Wed 04-Oct-17 17:29:06

This book has so far been enjoyed by my daughter and 2 of her friends.
They all enjoyed reading it found that they could relate to in some way.

It must be what I call an "easy read" as the girls aged 11 and 12 took only a couple of days each to read it.

bextow Fri 13-Oct-17 15:19:34

My daughter is really enjoying this book, it is a pleasure to see her come home from school and pick up this book rather than electronics. My daughter says she likes it because she can relate to some of the the main characters and it makes her aware how life is different in Syria, it's just coolio (her words!)

clairethewitch70 Fri 13-Oct-17 15:37:22

My DS has not finished reading this book yet as he is slower to read due to dyslexia.

His first thoughts.
It is well written and he liked that the girls were learning to communicate via emoji's. What he likes so far most about the book is that the main character is dyslexic and references famous people with the same condition. This he can relate to.

He is hoping to finish the book this weekend and a full review to follow. I am hoping to read it then.

caz123456 Fri 13-Oct-17 20:36:22

My daughter loved this book as it reflects he relationship with her best friend. They're both from very different backgrounds just like the characters, but have found a firm friendship regardless of that. She loved reading it, and has says she would recommend it and thanks you for sending her a copy.

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