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Find out what Mumsnetters thought of Megan Abbott's books

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SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 18-Jul-17 17:43:54

Megan Abbott is an award-winning writer of contemporary crime fiction and these three books are bound to have you up all night.

Lizzie and Evie are inseparable - until Evie goes missing, and Lizzie suddenly realizes their friendship wasn't quite what she thought. The End of Everything is a suspenseful novel of friendship, loss and the more sinister side of adolescence.

There's something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls - Coach said that once. She said it like she knew, and understood. Dare Me tells the dark and tension-filled story of the new cheerleading coach and the deadly game she's playing.

When Lise Daniels collapses to the floor during maths class, unfortunately she's not the first. As hysteria swells in The Fever, the safe world they've been building for their children starts to come apart.

We ask all winners to share their thoughts about the book(s) on this discussion thread. Everyone who gives detailed feedback on the thriller of their choice by end of day, Friday 29 September will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Love2shop voucher.

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iklboo Tue 18-Jul-17 17:47:19


ScarlettDarling Tue 18-Jul-17 18:17:15

Was hard to choose which to apply for! Al sound great.

FeralBeryl Tue 18-Jul-17 19:52:09

Done, I'll end up buying them all anyway from the synopsis grin

2tfrutti Tue 18-Jul-17 20:21:50

Done. Read The End of Everything a few years ago, really enjoyed it.

FlowerTink Tue 18-Jul-17 21:13:04

They all sound great! I've started reading again after having no time with a baby and it is amazing to be back into books

StealthPolarBear Wed 19-Jul-17 06:38:52

Done, I'd love to read the fever

woodhill Wed 19-Jul-17 08:52:26


BetterEatCheese Wed 19-Jul-17 21:06:11

Done smileFingers crossed!

TheHiphopopotamus Wed 19-Jul-17 22:07:34

Done. I put The Fever down, but I wouldn't mind reading any of them, tbh.

whatwoulddexterdo Thu 20-Jul-17 07:32:22

I've applied for The End of Everything. I've read the other two and enjoyed them, highly recommend

SamineShaw Thu 20-Jul-17 21:35:09

Done, would like all three! 😂

fleshmarketclose Mon 24-Jul-17 11:57:33

I went for The Fever but it was a tough choice. Didn't enteryilthe last minute though so hope I wasn't too late.

PearlyPinkNails Wed 09-Aug-17 16:08:42

Really pleased to have been picked and looking forward to reading it.

BetterEatCheese Wed 09-Aug-17 19:42:24

So pleased to be picked! Thank you! Look forward to reading it

horseyrider Wed 09-Aug-17 19:52:46

I received my email saying that I've won a copy today. Really looking forward to reading it.

Mozarmstrong Fri 11-Aug-17 17:11:24

Oh I've got a book! Love reading so can't wait to see my copy

Mozarmstrong Fri 18-Aug-17 11:36:45

Received Dare Me thank you. What a dark compelling story this one is. Beware of teenage girls and their rivalry! I went to an all girls high school and gosh my mind went right back to those years. Amazing and loved it what a book!

horseyrider Sat 19-Aug-17 09:59:18

I have just finished my copy, thanks mumsnet!.

Good beginning, lots of emphasis on competitiveness between girls. Coach is a very interesting character.

Bit slow in parts but good towards the end.

Amaksy Sun 20-Aug-17 02:27:52

Thank you - I received my copy of DARE ME the other day and can't wait to get started!

drsholmes Sun 20-Aug-17 07:08:20

I haven't received mine yet, cannot wait!

clopper Mon 21-Aug-17 21:29:18

I haven't received mine yet, but looking forward to reading it.

Itsfreetobekind Tue 22-Aug-17 10:08:24

No sign of mine yet, but looking forward to reading it asap.

SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 22-Aug-17 10:39:02

Hi all - we're just waiting on an update for those who haven't received their books yet. Will let you know asap! flowers

clairethewitch70 Tue 22-Aug-17 10:42:58

I haven't received mine yet either.

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