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Find out what Mumsnetters thought of psychological thriller Exposure by Aga Lesiewicz

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SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 24-May-17 17:07:09

After a proper psychological thriller to get your teeth into? We've got you covered with Exposure by Aga Lesiewicz, the latest in our Crime and Thriller Book Club.

When young photographer Kristin begins receiving anonymous emails which quickly become more and more sinister, her seemingly perfect life starts to unravel.

We ask all winners to share their thoughts about the book on this discussion thread. Everyone who gives detailed feedback on Exposure by midday, Monday 31July will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Love2shop voucher:

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horseyrider Wed 28-Jun-17 12:23:20

Received my copy today, thanks! Looking forward to reading it.

minsmum Wed 28-Jun-17 12:49:36

I received my copy too. It looks engrossing can't wait to start it

clairethewitch70 Wed 28-Jun-17 13:22:17

Just received mine too - was a bit confused though - nothing else in envelope and no email to say I had won it?

ScarlettDarling Thu 29-Jun-17 10:24:50

Had forgotten I'd applied for this, looking forward to reading it. Just started a book on my kindle, ill read this one straight after I finish.

FernieB Thu 29-Jun-17 18:37:00

Thanks for my copy of this book. I had a free afternoon, so settled down with it. I've read a several books of this genre in the last few years and I felt this one didn't quite hit the mark. The descriptions of London were very atmospheric and the scene was set well, but the characters seemed a little flat. I'd have liked them to be fleshed out a bit more so I could empathise with them. The plot was a good idea and highlights the dangers of our reliance on tech, but at times, it felt contrived and the ending was disappointing. I really wanted to enjoy this one and it did pass a rainy afternoon with a cuppa, but not really for me.

SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 30-Jun-17 17:54:19

Apologies clairethewitch70 - you should now have received an email smile Happy reading!

jammy388 Sat 01-Jul-17 20:27:01

Thank you for this book. It was a tense read, with good flowing narrative and dialogue that really drew me in. The representation of trendy and artistic metropolitan lifestyles was interesting too. I guessed the who and why but this didn't spoil it for me and I found the ending satisfactory.
I didn't realise until I had finished the book and looked for information on the author's previous novel "Rebound" that one of the more minor characters, Anna (the owner of the dog, Wispa) was featured in that previous book - hence the mysterious references to her past that were not explained in "Exposure".

Sunflower22 Mon 03-Jul-17 12:01:01

A great book, and an easy read. Maybe a bit obvious.

horseyrider Mon 03-Jul-17 19:47:30

Just finished my copy!

Good beginning, like the focus on the photography. Pace is very well set, one of the best thrillers I have read in a while. The London setting really adds to the atmosphere of the book. Good ending as well.

1969angep Tue 04-Jul-17 12:40:31

I really enjoyed this. In an age where technology is becoming every more powerful (and potentially invasive) this tale of cyber stalking was quite sobering. Kristin pretty much has it all - a job she enjoys, even if it doesn't make the most of her creative talents, good friends and a healthy relationship with a sexy French artist. When she starts receiving photos via e-mail she has no idea what they mean. As they start to arrive with sickening regularity suddenly it seems she can trust no-one. Before long she has lost pretty much everything and paranoia sets in.
In fairness if you really set your mind to thinking ahead you could probably guess who is behind the e-mails but I was quite happy to go along with the story without trying to second guess. I found it was gripping enough that I didn't want to put it down and creepy enough to keep me on my toes.
The descriptions of London were fabulous - it makes me want to explore some of these "off the beaten track" areas.
If you like pacey thrillers with a bit of cyber geekiness thrown in then I would definitely recommend this.

FawnDrench Tue 04-Jul-17 22:26:58

Thank you for the book which I've just finished reading this evening.

I thought it was okay, albeit rather "jerky" in parts, and it definitely had more than a shoalful of red herrings.
Some of it I found quite frustrating and at times felt like I wanted to give Kristin a good kick up the backside, she was so slow and dithery about everything.
As others have already mentioned, it's quite obvious who the perpetrator is, and there were too many extraneous random and not very credible characters added at times to apparently add a bit of intrigue. However, to me, they seemed almost like they'd been slotted in as an afterthought or a bit of padding, and were far too transparent and clearly not the guilty parties.

Having said that, I did enjoy reading about all the quaint and quirky London locations and the general landscape, and felt the author truly gave England's capital city quite a central role in the book.
I also liked the descriptions of all the senses that were experienced by Kristin throughout, from what she saw and ate to how and what she smelt.
I felt it was quite a sensual book on many levels.

To sum up, I would say that "Exposure" was not the best psychological thriller I've read this year, but it's certainly not the worst one either.

ScarlettDarling Thu 06-Jul-17 14:53:34

Many thanks for the chance to read and review this book...I loved it! I'm so surprised at the other reviewers stating that they knew all along who the stalker was. I didn't have a clue! I was suspicious of everyone, from the sex shop owner to Fly the lodger!

This story was tense throughout. When I wasn't reading, it was still on my mind, and I'd mull over who could be behind the stalking. I even considered putting masking tape over the webcam on my laptop (and haven't ruled out doing this at a later date!) as the story unsettled me so much!

I didn't really take to any of the characters (perhaps because I was suspecting them of being evil murdering stalkers!). I didn't even particularly like Kristin. But I think that such a cast of unpalatable characters really helped to create the dark, tense atmosphere which makes this book such a page turner.

I would definitely be keen to read more by Aga Lesiewicz and will download her first book 'Rebound' onto my kindle in time for my summer holiday. It's a definite thumbs up from me, highly recommended to all fans of this genre.

minsmum Sat 08-Jul-17 16:33:03

Thank you for the book, I was really looking forward to it. I didn't really like it very much, I didn't dislike it either. I guessed who it was very early on and it didn't make any sense to me why she couldn't see it or wouldn't see it. I did not like her very much and had to force myself to finish it. I know friends who would love this but not me.

Reastie Sun 09-Jul-17 05:08:27

Thank you mumsnet for sending me a copy of the book. It was a quick read which only took me two days to get through.

I'd imagine this would be a good holiday read as you can easily dip in and out of it. I'd never heard of the author before and I'd say I found it an easy read (in terms of reading it quickly not in terms of the subject matter). I didn't find it truly gripping but I did want to know who was the stalker at the end so it held my attention well to find out, and I didn't guess the stalker at all.

It was very good at setting the scene in London, with lots of local information and it gave a great feel for the area. I can't help but think the author must know the area really well. Either that or she's exceptional at making places seem to come to life through imagination.

The all important question now is did Kristin leave it too long to feed the snake and did the snake make it? grin .

ahigney Mon 10-Jul-17 13:34:16

A very sexually charged,paranoia-stalker type psychological thriller.The main character from Lesiewicz's previous book plays a secondary role,and that's a nice touch.Very detailed descirptions of photography,tools of the trade and photo art.Enjoyed the atmosphere of this book,very much based in trendy,arty bits of London,you get a good feeling about this place.Found the never ending sexual innuendo not to my liking,not something I could enjoy.I didn't like the main character too much,either.Very well set though,and well researched art photography.

Baldwin1973 Tue 11-Jul-17 13:37:42

Thank you so much for sending me this book. I wouldn't usually have read something like this but I have enjoyed books from the same genre. I thought this book was great - I read it in about 4 days. The descriptions were great and I thought the characters were well written. I guessed who the stalker was quite soon in the book but still enjoyed reading it. Would definitely buy another book by Aga Lesiewicz. thanks

papaver Wed 12-Jul-17 12:24:34

Thank-you for my copy of this book. I enjoyed reading this and liked the descriptions of the places in London and details of the main character's life and work. I wasn't totally convinced by all of it but there was enough there to get me through the ending which is more than I can say for the highly rated Girl on the Train!

windowmouse Wed 12-Jul-17 19:25:20

Loved this book, kept me guessing the whole way through, really enjoyed it, thanks for the copy x

kestrel80 Thu 13-Jul-17 21:38:10

Thanks for my copy of "Exposure", I do love getting a book in the post! - I rarely choose thrillers so reading this made an interesting change for me. The story was fast-paced and kept me reading (even if her writing is rather full of clichés in places!), and although the main character Kristin wasn't particularly likeable, I still wanted to find out what was going to happen to her. without giving anything away i thought that the ending was all resolved rather too conveniently, and it didn't entirely convince me , but overall would say i quite enjoyed it!

clairethewitch70 Fri 14-Jul-17 15:11:48

I really loved this book. It is a fast paced, gripping psychological thriller. Set in London, it really gave a feel of the area and made me want to visit some of the places mentioned in it.

Kristin is a photographer, mainly of toys, from wooden to vibrating plastic. Her life and those of her loved ones around her started to crumble after receiving 'Exposure' emails. They contain photos of her and her friends in compromising positions. It quickly became obvious that she has a malicious stalker, with an unbalanced mind. Her life spins out of control and loved ones are caught up in the aftermath.

I did not know who the stalker was until the end (thought it might have been Jason from the film studio). Aga writes very well and I am excited to read more books by her. Four and a half stars out of 5 from me.

Jill2Gillian Sat 15-Jul-17 09:47:37

Thank you for my copy if Exposure. Since reading Gone Girl and Girl on a Train, I've become a fan of good thrillers and was looking forward to getting stuck into this one, unfortunately half way through I gave up, I didn't have the interest or the will to keep going.

There is no question that Aga Lesiewicz is a very good writer, I enjoyed her descriptions of London's art world and trendy Hoxton Square but I could not relate to Kristin the main character who seemed to be making one bad move after another. Also, the plot lacked subtlety, its a collection of every thriller plot and the kitchen sink chucked in to quickly. There is nothing here to make this book stand out from all the others of its type.

leilajay Sat 15-Jul-17 16:26:37

Wow! I was completely hooked from start to finish. From chapter to chapter there was always a suspense. I found the book exciting and very well writing. I was gripped to the end. I loved the different characters which some like Vero put a smile on my face. I found the storyline great and I did not found out who the stalker was until email Exposure 5. Love the different sex scenes in the book as it makes it more real and human.

The book really shows you that everything is not what it seems and even if you don't like someone they may pleasently surprise you.

Last time I enjoy a book so much was Conclave by Richard Harris. Exposure is an incredible read and I can't wait to discover more books from Aga.

Thank you Mumsnet.

cookiemonster66 Mon 17-Jul-17 19:00:33

Absolutely loved this fast paced, gritty thriller, not afraid to mince words, and get down right dirty in parts. It was like a roller coaster ride of a read, mega fast paced got worn out just reading it LOL! I did work out very early on who the baddie was but it did not inhibit my pleasure of reading till the end. Thoroughly enjoyed it and will look out for more books from Aga Lesiewicz again!

Givemecoffeeplease Mon 17-Jul-17 19:34:50

Loved the london setting, the photography elements and the shagging ;)

A good thriller, took it on holiday and devoured it. Didn't guess the stalker, and whilst I didn't warm to the main character it didn't stop me rooting for her. I'll be checking out her other books.

Thanks Mumsnet for peeking up my holiday reading.

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