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Find out what Mumsnetters thought of Wrong Place by Michelle Davies

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SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 24-Apr-17 17:33:39

Looking for your next crime fix? Then Wrong Place, critically acclaimed novelist Michelle Davies' new book, and the latest in our Crime and Thriller Book Club, is for you.

When a man fails in his attempt to kill his wife and then himself, DC Maggie Neville is assigned to be the wife's Family Liason Officer. But she soon begins to suspect that not everything is quite as it seems...

We ask all winners to share their thoughts about the book on this discussion thread. Everyone who gives detailed feedback on Wrong Place by midday Wednesday 28 June will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Love2shop voucher:

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sun 30-Apr-17 08:55:49


Susangilley7 Sat 13-May-17 17:59:33

Just received my copy. Thank you. Taking it on holiday, it looks a good read.

LavenderDoll Thu 18-May-17 19:58:51

I have received and started reading. So far so good

susanterblanche Mon 22-May-17 13:38:57

Thank you so much for my copy! I really enjoyed the book and kept trying to sneak in a few minutes to keep reading! It is a stand alone, but I wish I had read 'Gone Astray' first, just for some background. I also think the description is a bit deceiving. I thought the story line was very interesting and kept me guessing. Thanks again, I will definitely be recommending the book to my friends :-)

FernieB Mon 22-May-17 16:03:41

Thanks so much for my copy. I hadn't read Gone Astray and although this book stands alone, I think it would have been helpful just for some background on some of the main characters, although I actually found the backstory about Maggie to be distracting from the crime story. The way the three crimes knit together in the end is cleverly and neatly done. An enjoyable read - great for round the pool on holiday!

Mrsmonkeymoo1 Mon 12-Jun-17 17:55:25

Ah I started this yesterday - found it really enjoyable and easy to read. I finished it this morning. I liked the Maggie character - she wasnt perfect but her back story was interesting. I would definitely read more by this author - the story drew me in completely and I would never have guessed the ending 😀😀😀😀 good stuff Michelle Davies - will look out for more from her

Lindsaym1983 Mon 12-Jun-17 18:27:13

This book had me gripped from the start, it really was a book that I could not put down. It was such a page turner and I would never have guessed the ending. I will be looking out for more of Michelle Davies books as I really enjoyed this one.

mata777 Mon 12-Jun-17 21:28:57

Very gripping - I couldn't wait for my kids to go to bed so I could continue reading it. I didn't guess the ending until very late in the story and I am now impatiently waiting for the third book to find out what happens with Maggie and her family relationships.

Sallyb82 Mon 12-Jun-17 21:36:15

I enjoyed this book overall, wished I'd read the first installment first but nevertheless, it didn't feel like I was disadvantaged. Enjoyed the connections and there were some good twists. Easy to read.

anne262 Mon 12-Jun-17 21:38:41

Really enjoyed this book ,but feel I would have enjoyed it even more if I had read ' Gone Astray' . There were a lot of references to the previous story that left me feeling like I was missing out plot wise. However I really warmed to the character of Maggie and enjoyed her personal trials as well as the main criminal aspect of the plot, which had an excellent ending. I am guessing that there will be a third installment so will keep my eye out for its release . A real page turner of a book , I would definitely recommend this author.

Vistaverde Tue 13-Jun-17 09:07:34

Thank you for for my copy of the book. I knew little about the author so I really didn't know what to expect when starting this book. I was very pleasantly surprised the plot was well paced with enough twist and turns to keep me hooked. I warmed to the character of Maggie and I thought her personal story added to the book. I really enjoyed this book and didn't feel like I had lost anything by not having read Gone Astray. I would therefore highly recommend this book to anybody who enjoys crime fiction and I am looking forward to reading Gone Astray to see how the story starts.

Susangilley7 Tue 13-Jun-17 12:04:41

Like a lot, I wish I had read Gone Astray first. Having said that I soon got into Maggie's story and found her a very interesting character. A real page turner and I really didn't see the end coming. I shall look out for more from Michelle Davies. Thank you Thin Blue Spine!

Wilma55 Wed 14-Jun-17 16:52:17

Started the book this afternoon in the sun. It's a real page turner. Need to get back to it NOW!

Clawdy Thu 15-Jun-17 11:07:32

This is well written and intriguing but I could have done without the frequent references to storylines from the previous book. As I hadn't read it, they were a bit confusing, and added nothing to the book. Also found all those endless acronyms very irritating! HMET, FLO, SIO.......!

neverumind Thu 15-Jun-17 21:16:47

Thanks for my copy. I was pleasantly surprised & delighted this is a real page turner. There were many different plot strands with Maggie as the central character and these all threaded together very well. Left me now wanting to read the 1st book in the series!

ChrisPhil1923 Mon 19-Jun-17 19:36:22

read the book ages ago when I first got it. I found it very entertaining and a good read but some things in it not believable I cant say any more for those who have not finished it. I finished it over two days so it definitely kept my interest

MonsieurBing Mon 19-Jun-17 21:52:40

Thanks for my copy mumsnet.
I really enjoyed this book. Being a police officer I don't usually read any thrillers that involve the UK police as they always make uniformed officers look like muppets and get procedures wrong. I normally end up shouting at the book. Not in this case though as there weren't any glaring errors.
I enjoyed the character Maggie and would have liked more of a back story. It is a standalone story though. It was twisty and turny and romped along at a fair old pace. Thoroughly enjoyable and a perfect poolside read.

thriftymrs Wed 21-Jun-17 15:34:08

I quite enjoyed the book and think it's a perfectly fine summer read with engaging characters and interesting plot lines. I would echo what other readers have said above in that it would have been better if I'd read Gone Astray first. As Clawdy said, the acronyms were pretty annoying! Maggie is an interesting character and I would happily read further books in this series.

Wilma55 Thu 22-Jun-17 12:03:03

Finished this yesterday and will probably buy the first book. Liked Maggie though she has her flaws - it will be interesting to see how her relationship with Umpire and her sister develop in any future books. I would recommend as an enjoyable easy read.

danson16 Mon 03-Jul-17 15:02:20

Apologies for the delay, I have been so busy and took me a while to finish it. I liked the book, it was different and had great characters. The plot was good and easy to follow. I agree with what others had said about getting the first book and would probably get further books in the series as it was a good read. Thank you for the opportunity to let me read this one.

SuzCG Wed 12-Jul-17 15:24:30

Sorry so late posting this review - family bereavement left me short on reading time - getting back on track now!
I haven't read the first book (Gone Astray) and wish that I had as this book was fantastic. A great storyline with characters I related to, very fluent writing. This story had plenty of twists and turns along with surprises and certainly kept me thinking and guessing, right to the end. a 4.5/5 from me!

todormirchev Tue 01-Aug-17 21:15:53

Thank you MumsNet for my copy and sorry for the late review. "Wrong Place" is fantastic read and a real page turner with a lots of twists till the end of the book. Characters are strong and memorable. I will definately look for and read the first book from the series. Highly reccomend for the crime and thriller book readers.

billmolly Wed 23-Aug-17 20:34:08

Thank you for the book.
Really good read gripping storyline.
Enjoyed reading it.

Slinkerbell Tue 19-Sep-17 12:49:41

Enjoyed the novel! Found it gripping and devoured the whole thing in a weekend.

It left me hungry for more, so I bought the other DC Maggie Neville tale 'Gone Astray' to tide me over.

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