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If you or your child have read Merry Christmas, Blue Kangaroo!, let us know your feedback - post by 3 January for a chance to win £100 Love2shop voucher

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SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 14-Nov-16 13:07:38

We're feeling festive and giving away 50 copies of this adorable Christmassy story plus Blue Kangaroo plush toy! You can apply for yours now.

It's Christmas Eve, and Lily is excitedly wondering if Father Christmas will come. She has made cards for everyone and put presents under the tree, including one for her beloved toy, Blue Kangaroo. But Blue Kangaroo hasn't got a gift for Lily - is there someone who can help?

We ask all winners to share their thoughts (and their children's thoughts) about the book on this discussion thread. However, you don't have to win a free copy to take part in the discussion - anyone who has read Merry Christmas, Blue Kangaroo! can post their feedback here (and you can buy the book now).

Everyone who posts feedback on the book on this thread before 27 December will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Love2shop voucher.

This giveaway is sponsored by HarperCollins

CarrotCakeMuffins Mon 14-Nov-16 14:02:52

We'd love one please. I've entered.

OhNoNotMyBaby Mon 14-Nov-16 14:12:32

Oh gosh! Yes please! It's a lovely book.

QueenofallIsee Mon 14-Nov-16 15:45:33

How fab, I would love one!

insan1tyscartching Mon 14-Nov-16 16:41:43

Love love love Blue Kangaroo and this is one we haven't read. I'd love a copy please.

WalkerBait Mon 14-Nov-16 16:55:35

Done smile

PseudoBadger Mon 14-Nov-16 17:11:25

We love Blue Kangaroo even if he is a bit of a glass half empty kind of guy

mogloveseggs Mon 14-Nov-16 18:09:58


ipswichwitch Mon 14-Nov-16 19:47:27

Done. I've got two boys who love Christmas books - they've been reading theirs all year round, and got very upset when I suggested putting them away in June hmm

todays Mon 14-Nov-16 19:48:56

i'd love one please

BagOfGiraffes Mon 14-Nov-16 19:53:57

We'd love one too......we love Blue Kangaroo......always a few tears when he gets put on the high shelf......

blitzgirl Mon 14-Nov-16 20:12:27

My DD would love this!

foxessocks Mon 14-Nov-16 23:11:01

This looks great! Yes please!

Lolly86 Tue 15-Nov-16 07:10:15

Yes please! Entered😁

Lovewatchingrainfall Tue 15-Nov-16 07:46:04

I have applied

FourKidsNotCrazyYet Tue 15-Nov-16 11:15:02

I've applied. Hope I'm not too late blush

FeelingSmurfy Wed 16-Nov-16 00:53:56

Sounds lovely smile and actually having blue kangaroo would really bring the story to life

tworonnies1957 Wed 07-Dec-16 15:13:05

received a copy of the blue kangaroo in the post today I take it I must of won it from you but didn't get a email from you saying I had, the kids will love it well leave feed back once we all have read it

lionheart Wed 07-Dec-16 16:18:23

I love those books from when my children were little.

starlight36 Wed 07-Dec-16 16:54:43

This arrived as a lovely surprise today. Both DD (6) and DS (3) loved the story. We've already read it together about six times! The idea of Blue Kangaroo celebrating his first Christmas really appealed to them as they could relate to Lily being excited showing Blue Kangaroo all the fun traditions. I liked the concept of wanting to be nice to others and doing special things at Christmas time. The illustrations are beautiful and getting our own Blue Kangaroo (already known as Bluey in our household) was a real bonus. Thank you.

jetSTAR Wed 07-Dec-16 16:58:45

Wahoo, our copy came today! I'm saving it for a big reveal at bedtime wink

BurnTheBlackSuit Wed 07-Dec-16 18:43:05

Thank you for the copy of Merry Christmas Blue Kangaroo! I have just shared it with DS(6) who was thrilled to see it when he came home from school and loves his cuddly Blue Kangaroo (who looks just like the one in the book, which is wonderful!)

We have just snuggled up and read it together. It is a lovely story! I loved how it was very Christmassy, including all the things you do at Christmas (putting up the tree, making decorations, making cards, eating, putting up stockings and leaving milk and cookies for Santa). I also loved the message in it that it is lovely to receive things, but even better to give presents to people: that giving is better than receiving.

My son said it was an "emotional rollercoaster" (he's a little eccentric for a 6 year old)- and then explained this by saying that Blue Kangaroo was sad when Lily kept giving him presents and he couldn't give her anything and this made my son feel sad for him, but then he was really happy at the end when Blue Kangeroo gave Lily the heart.

He also liked how it kept repeating "just for you Blue Kangaroo" which he joined in with. And liked holding Blue Kangaroo and doing his voice towards the end of the book. Next time we read it, I think I'll be Lily and he can do all the Blue Kangaroo bits (he can read himself, but it's nice to share together).

Somehow we have missed Blue Kangaroo books until now, but I loved it and want to read the rest! I think this book will become a treasured part of our Christmas Library and Blue Kangaroo will find a special place on my son's bed.

Ashhead24 Wed 07-Dec-16 20:24:56

Thank you for my book, was a lovely surprise. My one year old loved the kangaroo and has gone to bed with it. The story was quite sweet and very Christmassy, and the pictures were lovely. It was just the right length for a bedtime story and I can see we'll be reading this a lot in the run up to Christmas.

Cambam2010 Thu 08-Dec-16 13:37:11

Our book arrived yesterday - a lovely surprise. I am saving this for a night when we are not rushing around like headless chickens!

bloodymaria Thu 08-Dec-16 17:10:27

Our copy has just arrived, much excitement! That's tonight's bedtime story sorted, will come back with our thoughts later.

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