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Have you read Strangers by Paul Finch? Post your feedback on the book by 25 November for a chance to win a £100 Love2Shop voucher!

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UrsulaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 19-Sep-16 10:45:37

Paul Finch, the no.1 bestselling author of Hunted and Stalkers, has written an even darker thriller. PC Lucy Clayburn has to delve into the criminal underworld to track down a brutal serial killer, but she's about to discover that going undercover is the most dangerous work there is.

Apply to win one of 50 free copies now. This giveaway ends on 27 September.

We ask all winners to share their thoughts about the book on this discussion thread. However, you don't have to win a free copy to take part in the discussion - anyone who has read Strangers can post their feedback.

Everyone who posts their feedback on the book by 25 November will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Love2shop voucher.

This giveaway is sponsored by Harper Collins

whatwoulddexterdo Sun 25-Sep-16 19:55:09

Looks great

FeralBeryl Tue 27-Sep-16 13:18:50

Ooh I nearly picked this up in tesco the other night until a child distracted me angry

Persistentdonor Sat 01-Oct-16 17:21:31

Oh Goody!
I have received a copy of "Strangers" today, many thanks.
Looking forward to get into it.

toastymarshmallow Tue 04-Oct-16 09:59:48

I received a copy of this today, which was a lovely surprise as there was no email.

I shall have to finish my current book and then get stuck into this one!

Lindsaym1983 Thu 06-Oct-16 11:47:48

Thank you so much for my copy. This is not the kind of book that I would normally choose to read, however, I am so glad I read it as I was hooked from the very start. I could not put this book down as it was so gripping! I read it in just one night, which is very unlike me.

While the plot line can be a tad gruesome in places I found it fascinating learning about a world I know nothing about. I really liked the main character Lucy, although I found it slightly unbelievable when we found out who her biological dad was. I thought the story was well written, well researched and this was a book I really could not put down.

I really liked all of the twists and turns the book took, some I could see coming but many I could not. I was surprised that the serial killers were someone that no-one suspected and that they came as a suprised towards the end of the story.

Seizethemoment Sat 15-Oct-16 22:57:37

I have high hopes for this book after discovering the author wrote episodes of The Bill, which I loved.

Persistentdonor Mon 17-Oct-16 10:47:51

I read "Strangers" over the weekend, and found it well written though very gritty. If you like unvarnished blood and gore you will find plenty here, and yet for me it was a compelling page turner.

Set in the very dark underworld of crime in Greater Manchester it was full of gruesome revelations to me, with an awful ring of truth through out because the author Paul Finch has served in the police, and clearly writes from experience.

My husband intends to read "Strangers", and I would consider other novels by this author.

Daniwiththelimphair Mon 17-Oct-16 15:29:33

Loved this book! Read over a weekend and became completely immersed in the characters and the fast, dark plotline. The plot may not be entirely believable but if you can forgive it that, you'll find it a real page turner. Shall definitely be sharing this amongst friends!

mum2reilly Mon 17-Oct-16 16:12:13

Having just finished my last book I've started this one and am really enjoying it so far - at chapter 7. It's not an author I was familiar with, although I've since found that he's written many books. I read a lot of similar books but by American authors so it's interesting to have one set in Greater Manchester and to discover someone new to me. I'm intrigued to see what's going to happen.

PickledLilly Mon 17-Oct-16 16:14:08

I haven't got very far with this book yet as I had to finish another book first but first impressions so far are good, it is holding my attention and I'm looking forward to reading the rest!

poppy990 Mon 17-Oct-16 16:49:27

I've decided to save this prize for a Xmas present for my Mum. She loves these kinds of thrillers and it looks gripping thanks MN

imacmum Mon 17-Oct-16 17:42:52

I was lucky enough to win a free copy of this quite dark and sometimes gory police drama. PC Lucy Clayburn's story starts when her CID colleague is shot due an unfortunate incident of Lucy's own making and she spends the next ten years back on the streets trying to overcome the nosedive affect on her career. When one day she is asked to help in an investigation to catch a particularly nasty female serial killer, she sees a way back into CID, and this leads her into all sorts of dangers which made my heart pound and rather terrified me to read about. However, brave and sometimes foolhardy, Lucy defies all the rules and sets out on her own to nail the killer. Help comes from a very unexpected angle leading her to wonder about her mothers past and also the identity of her father.
I felt at the start that there were similarities between Lucy and another motor bike riding woman detective in a similar novel by another popular author but this turned out to be the only real similarity and the book ended with me feeling very relieved that the case had been solved, and looking forward to reading many more stories of the escapades of this newly promoted young woman police detective

Picoloangel Mon 17-Oct-16 18:58:44

Have received my free copy and whilst I have only just started it I am finding it a good read. This is a genre that I like and would usually read and so far I am impressed!

Mrsmonkeymoo1 Wed 19-Oct-16 07:58:17

Ive received my free copy - Ive only just started reading it but it looks like a fantastic read so far. Had to drag myself away from it last night - this is the type of book I love and will definitely look for books by this author again.

minsmum Thu 20-Oct-16 19:12:08

I had an email to say I had won a copy of this. It has not arrived. I have sent 2 emails to you and had no response

realwoodlogs Thu 20-Oct-16 19:15:29

I've loved all his other books. Really liked the one set up in the fells.

Cannot wait to read this.

PresidentOliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 20-Oct-16 19:19:19


I had an email to say I had won a copy of this. It has not arrived. I have sent 2 emails to you and had no response

Hi thanks for chasing this - we'll get the 9 to 5-ers on this first thing in the morning.

CopperPan Fri 21-Oct-16 20:08:47

I found this book very engaging and read it all in a couple of days. The plot was original and multilayered, and the narrative was full of suspense and action.. I am not always a big fan of crime fiction but the characters were strong and believable and kept the pages turning.

mum2reilly Tue 25-Oct-16 12:04:41

I've now finished the book. It was an enjoyable pacey read, I liked the central character of Lucy and the characters around her.
I was a little disappointed with what felt like a rush to resolve what had started out as the main plot, it came almost as an after-thought - oh I forgot we still need to resolve that bit, but I'd be happy to see if there are other books with this character to come.
Overall a 7/10 for me.

SundayGirl86 Tue 25-Oct-16 12:20:07

I had an email on 5th October to say I'd won a copy of the book. It didn't arrive so I emailed MN on 15th to let you know. I've had no response and no book so far! I'd be really grateful if you could follow this up for me. Thank you.

SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 26-Oct-16 10:31:52

Hi all - big apologies if you haven't received your copy of Strangers yet. There was a problem at the publisher's warehouse where they'd run out of stock. The good news is that the books were sent out first thing Monday morning! So you should receive your copy by next Monday latest. Do let me know if you haven't got it by then.

We've amended the feedback date to allow you plenty of time for reading - post on the discussion thread by 25 November to be entered into the prize draw.

SundayGirl86 Wed 26-Oct-16 11:50:56

Brilliant, thank you smile

WowOoo Thu 27-Oct-16 14:39:59

Thanks for my copy of this book.
I have to say i didn't find it gripped me from the start. I love thrillers and if I'd borrowed this from the library would have given up on it.

I am glad I persevered as it did start to get more exciting about a third of the way in - it just seemed to take too long to get me hooked into the story. I was fascinated by the Tammy character - I would have liked to have known more about her and how she ended up the way she was. I won't give any spoilers! So overall, a good read. The ending made up for a slow start.

Reebs123 Thu 27-Oct-16 21:16:29

Thanks for my copy.i Found the book addictive right from the start. I felt sorry for Lucy because of what happened. I can't wait to read more and find out "who dunnit".

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