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Have you read Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas? Post your feedback by 29 September for chance to win £100 Love2Shop Voucher!

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SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 10-Aug-16 17:58:19

When Francesca’s best friend disappears, she is devastated. Twenty years later, a body is discovered and Francesca is forced to return to a town she tried to forget. Will the truth finally be revealed – and, if so, at what cost?

Local Girl Missing is the latest psychological thriller from bestselling author Claire Douglas and we've got 50 copies to give away. Find out more about Claire and apply for your copy of the book. This giveaway ends on Monday 15 August.

We ask all winners to share their thoughts about the book on this discussion thread. However, you don't have to win a free copy to take part in the discussion - anyone who has read Local Girl Missing can post their feedback (and you can buy the ebook now for just £2.99).

Everyone who posts here before 29 September will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Love2shop voucher.

This giveaway is sponsored by Michael Joseph

whatwoulddexterdo Thu 11-Aug-16 21:44:38

Have applied, fingers x. I really enjoyed her first book, Sisters

ScarlettDarling Tue 23-Aug-16 14:15:04

Brilliant...just received a copy! Lovely surprise. Will read it as soon as I finish my current book.

buddles Tue 23-Aug-16 14:30:37

Received my copy this morning - thank you! Had a quick read of the first few pages and I'm hooked already. Can't wait to get properly stuck in once I've finished my current book.

Gaynorfay1965 Tue 23-Aug-16 16:03:58

Woohoo ,received a copy this morning,your very kind thank you ,can't wait to finish the one I'm reading to start this one .

FernieB Tue 23-Aug-16 17:11:45

Also received a copy this morning - thank you MN! Just need to motor through my current book so I can settle down with this one.

Mindfulofmuddle Tue 23-Aug-16 22:07:19

I received my copy today - thank you! The atmospheric cover and blurb on the back has me chomping at the bit to get started smile

Chatty1986 Wed 24-Aug-16 13:08:13

This book dropped through my letterbox yesterday and I have already finished it! I couldn't put it down.
I spent the whole book trying to guess what the ending was going to be and changed my mind so many times. I thought it was such a twist!! I really enjoyed this book!

rachnicuk Thu 25-Aug-16 08:11:21

Got my copy yesterday. So far so good smile Had to flick back during first two chapters to check who was who but now I have that sussed Im loving it. Running late this morning as I had to do that 'just one more chapter' thing. Cant wait till my bedtime read to see what happens next. Will report back when i have finished it smile

FoxInABox Sat 27-Aug-16 14:55:45

Finished this in four days- I found it to be one of those books you enjoy sitting and reading, reading a big chunk each time without noticing. This was really nice as the last few books I've read have been ones I could only read a small part at a time and then had to come away from, but with this book I whizzed through it and really enjoyed it- I couldn't wait to get back to it. The story is based on a girl Sophie who went missing aged 21 presumed dead after falling off a decrepit pier- and it flits between her diary in the weeks leading up to that event, and the present day when her best friend Frankie is called by the Sophie's brother to come back to the seaside town and help him piece together what happened to her, after some remains are washed up on the beach 18years later. This has all the markings of the modern thriller - so if you enjoyed girl on the train and gone girl you will love this too- it is very much of the same genre. The unreliable narrators and main characters, the differing sides of the story, the feeling of things being kept from the reader etc. I really enjoyed the different perspectives- one of in the moment and young 21 year old, and the other of the more mature grown woman looking back on that time. This book would make a brilliant tv drama or movie too. Although I had guessed at the ending, it still surprised me as I had discounted it and was expecting a different ending as I got further along the book. Admittedly there was the odd question mark for me over plausability, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself thinking of the book inbetween reading it.

VicKWhish Mon 29-Aug-16 10:44:12

Chatty1986: Like you, I spent the whole book trying to guess the ending and was kept guessing right up until the twist at the end! Unlike a number of books I've read lately, I really didn't see this one coming so full marks to Claire Douglas for keeping that suspense going.

FoxinaBox: I agree that if you loved Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, that this book will be right up your street and I too liked the book's structure of different narrators telling their sides of the story.

The story of two girls growing up in a seaside town in the '90s and how one goes missing is brilliantly written. The story shifts between that time and the present day and between Frankie and Sophie the two girls at the heart of the book. Claire Douglas has very cleverly written the book so you're not sure which version of events to trust and who is hero or villain in the supporting cast of characters.
I really recommend this book as a wonderfully gripping tale of secrets, lies and an ending that will take your breath away!
Thanks again, mumsnet for a superb read! smile

rachnicuk Mon 29-Aug-16 18:10:44

Finished the book now......didnt see THAT coming lol. Kept me guessing right up to the end. Really enjoyed the storyline and really recommend this book. I will certainly try one of Claire Douglas's other books in the not too distant future.

jammy388 Mon 29-Aug-16 18:44:16

This book kept me guessing and I thought the atmosphere of a seaside town was well portrayed though I didn't find the characters particularly sympathetic.

Dsiso Tue 30-Aug-16 09:24:05

Wow! What a thrilling read. I just couldn't put it down. Chapters alternate between Sophie at the time she went missing and the short years beforehand, and Francesca in the present. The characters develop nicely and the end......A real psychological thriller!

Imfinehowareyou Fri 02-Sep-16 11:28:24

Thanks for my copy. I really enjoyed reading this. It was very easy to get absorbed. My favourite part was that I was the same age as the main characters and could really relate to life as a teenager at that time. It brought back a lot of memories. I also had a pair of Adidas Gazelles which I loved! I tried really hard to guess the ending but didn't come up with it. Lots of twists and turns. A great read. I will be looking for Claire's other book now as I enjoy her style.

HopefulHamster Sat 03-Sep-16 16:53:53

I didn't enjoy this as much as most. The premise was interesting and the writing is okay. But I didn't really warm to main character (which is probably the point), and by the end of the story the plotting and dialogue were stretching credulity for me. However, despite those comments, it was an entertaining read and I was keen to get to the end to find out what had happened.

Diekleinesuesse79 Sat 03-Sep-16 20:57:39

I haven't read 'The Sisters' by Claire Douglas, but having heard good things about it I was delighted to find a copy of 'Local Girl Missing' on my doorstep courtesy of Mumsnet Books. The kids were happily watching Scooby Doo so I thought I'd sneak half an hour straight away and make a start on the first chapter. I was hooked and reeled in like a hungry fish straight away.

As a girl I enjoyed my formative years in a small town in the 1990s, so with a narrative partially set in 1997 (the years I took my A Levels and went to University) I lapped up a good dose of nostalgia, thanked my lucky stars that I too hadn't fallen/been pushed off a pier in a snakebite and black fuelled haze and simply couldn't wait to read on. The hook at the end of chapter one referring to Jason, piled on another layer of intrigue and meant I was 100% gripped.

I devoured this book in two days. The alternating dual narration between Sophie, who disappeared in 1997 and Frankie, her best friend narrating in 2016, adds depth and intrigue a-plenty to the plot. I'd just really enjoyed this narrative structure in 'The Girl on the Train' so was delighted to find another book in a similar vein. The switching of voices and times from past to present gradually pieces together both sides of the pictures, albeit at times deliberately unreliably!

Early on you sense that Frankie might just be rather unreliable as a narrator. Her cold-hearted despatching of her boyfriend certainly set alarm bells ringing for me. I did find it difficult to warm to her throughout, a sharp contrast to Sophie's likeability.

I loved the vivid descriptions of the abandoned pier. I have a remarkably clear image in my mind of this dark, rotting seaside relic, embellished by the moody, bleak, wintry weather. I am confident that this image of the derelict pier will haunt me for a long time to come!

The subtle supernatural threat and gradual build-up of Frankie's 'paranoia' nurture the tension levels carefully and effectively throughout the novel. The climax brings together the different strands of the story, with a shocking twist to boot, having sent the reader down a few wrong turns along the way.

Personally the only slight disappointment was that the title strongly implied to me that the local girl was missing, rather than actually dead, so for me part of the finale was quite obvious. There were however other elements which I didn't see coming at all. In spite of my inkling there was more than enough suspense, twists and turns to keep me gripped all the way. A fantastic read. Thanks again Mumsnet for the copy!

FernieB Mon 05-Sep-16 09:41:34

Another one who didn't 'see that coming'! I kept changing my mind about who'd done it as the plot twisted and turned and characters swept in and out. A very enjoyable book (preferred this to 'Girl on a Train') which will keep you guessing throughout.

ScarlettDarling Mon 05-Sep-16 18:26:54

Many thanks for the opportunity to read this book. I thoroughly enjoyed 'The sisters' by the same author, so was very excited to receive a copy of this book to review.

I always enjoy books written in this style, with the dual voice. Claire Douglas used this really well to move between past and present without causing any confusion.

The main characters were well developed and both equally interesting. I found myself smiling several times when I read Sophie's chapters. The words she used and the experiences she described reminded me so much of me and my friends when we were her age, going clubbing and meeting boys back in the nineties! Frankie on the other hand? Well, it becomes obvious very quickly that she's a bit mixed up, a bit of a cold fish. She's not at all likeable but is certainly intriguing! I wasn't as keen on other characters such as Daniel, Leon and Alistair. I didn't find them believable in the same way as the main female characters.

I really didn't guess the twist at the end of the book. In hindsight I can now see that there were lots of things hinting at the twist, but it still took me by surprise.

All in all I found this a gripping, enjoyable read. I would be keen to read more by this author and would wholeheartedly recommend this book to fans of a psychological thriller.

thriftymrs Tue 06-Sep-16 10:01:03

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read 'Local Girl Missing'. It's the first book I have read by Claire Douglas. As other readers have mentioned above, this is a perfect book for those who enjoyed 'Gone Girl' and 'Girl on the Train'. Having grown up in a fading seaside town myself (indeed, with a pier!) the setting resonated with me and I could easily picture the scene and the characters. It is a real page-turner and I read it over the course of a few days as I was keen to find out the ending. I had correctly guessed how some things turned out but, as other readers have said, there was certain plot lines which were clever red herrings and I kept changing my mind over how it would end. I would definitely recommend this as a good read for the autumn. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read and review it.

chris69 Tue 06-Sep-16 15:55:19

An enjoyable read, like the previous comment I didn't really warm to any of the characters, still I was intrigued as to how the story was going to pan out. Some spine tingling moments thrown in to the mix and this is definitely worth a read. Thanks for my free copy!

Wizotto Tue 06-Sep-16 19:47:42

Thanks mumsnet for the review copy - lovely surprise. I found it a bit dull at the beginning but it grew on me as the characters developed. For me, it was very plot driven and I definitely wanted to know what had happened and kept finding time to read more, but I did not warm to the characters completely and am not sure why. However, an enjoyable and easy read which would be good for a holiday.

lesley37 Wed 07-Sep-16 09:04:24

What a great read , every twist and and turn makes you think that it must be some one else, and I must say I didn't guess the twist at the end, a real page turner, more a mystery than a thriller in my mind but a very enjoyable read would definitely recommend.
Thanks for my free copy.

stormhorse45 Wed 07-Sep-16 12:20:26

really good book. lots of twists and turns and really didnt see the end bit coming. will look for others from this author & recommend to friends to try this one. thanks for letting me read it.

CopperPan Fri 09-Sep-16 10:22:13

I thought this was very cleverly written, full of twists and not at all predictable. I found it very engaging and found myself looking forward to my commute when I could get back to following the storyline!

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