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The Girl who beat ISIS

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cathisherwood Tue 02-Aug-16 17:09:32

When I was at school we had to discuss fictional situations such as those in Lord Of the Flies for our 'O' level English Lit. How much more powerful is a true story like this which should be on the GCSE reading list today. The normal, almost idyllic childhood of an intelligent aspirational teenage girl enjoying her family life is horribly disrupted by her abduction from her village by ISIS extremists. The treatment of every member of the family is brutal and there is no happy ending for Farida even though she survives her ordeal and gets the chance of a new life in Europe. How sad to reflect on the state of the world and how little we seem to be able to do to change things for the better

Rae1000 Mon 08-Aug-16 21:22:58

Not normally anything like books I usually read. However I was not deterred by this as I sometimes like to be challenged. I did enjoy this but was quite horrified too

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