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Have you or your child read Before You Sleep by Benji Bennett? Post your feedback by 6 September for chance to win £100 Love2Shop voucher!

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SorchaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 19-Jul-16 15:59:34

In August 2007, Benji Bennett’s life changed forever when his adored four year-old son, Adam, died suddenly of an undiagnosed brain tumour. Inspired by his deep love for Adam, Benji made a pledge to share this love with other families and so he began to write. Read Benji and Adam's story here

Benji's first book, Before You Sleep, was such a success that it even outsold Julia Donaldson's The Gruffalo when it was first published. The author always believed strongly in the power of bedtime and so this book is perfect for reading to your little one before bed.

To celebrate the UK release of Before You Sleep, we have 50 copies to give away to Mumsnetters who want to read and share their (and their children's) thoughts about it on this discussion. Go to the giveaway page to find out more about the book and apply for a free copy.

You don't have to win a free copy to take part in the discussion. Anyone who has read Before You Sleep can post their feedback here. If you miss out on a free one, you can buy a copy. All who post feedback before 6 September will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Love2shop voucher. The giveaway ends on Monday 25 July so apply now!

This giveaway is sponsored by Adam's Cloud

ricola1 Thu 21-Jul-16 06:24:13

Great summer read

juju3 Thu 21-Jul-16 07:22:54

Definately one book that will get read again and again

kerryv Thu 21-Jul-16 08:57:46

Very touching

janeyf1 Thu 21-Jul-16 09:43:32

An emotional read, pulls at the heartstrings. was a real bonding experience to read it to the little one

amyhalliday1 Thu 21-Jul-16 09:49:00

Brilliant emotional read xx

Clairescottshug Thu 21-Jul-16 10:42:50

Beautiful, enjoy reading it to my children smile

angela121262 Thu 21-Jul-16 11:16:02

Very emotional xx

izbiz88 Thu 21-Jul-16 11:29:02

Such a beautiful story, I loved reading it to my youngest daughter at bedtime. Very moving smile

iut044 Thu 21-Jul-16 12:40:25

Great read

jandoc Thu 21-Jul-16 13:04:59

it was a great book

RACHELSMITH45 Thu 21-Jul-16 13:52:53

Fantastic book, enjoyed :-)

Cailin7 Thu 21-Jul-16 15:30:26

This book is imaginative and beautifully illustrated.

vonniebab2 Thu 21-Jul-16 15:52:05

Lovely read!

mo3733 Thu 21-Jul-16 16:04:51

this is a type of book and kick starts my summer reads. fantastic

planepointer Thu 21-Jul-16 16:29:37

Great read and lovely illustrations

stefalfie11 Thu 21-Jul-16 18:27:32

Brilliant read with lovely pictures - great to keep the kids entertained in the summer hols!

Ikea1234 Thu 21-Jul-16 18:49:05

The illurations are simply beautiful, and the story is lovely, and massively moving. This is definitely going to be read over and over again in our house.

sosotalk Thu 21-Jul-16 20:50:48

Absolutely heart-wrenching book. Well worth reading though!

Marg2k8 Thu 21-Jul-16 22:09:00

I haven't read the book, but even reading about it here I have found touching.

Charbru123 Thu 21-Jul-16 22:41:46

Very well written

jacqui5366 Fri 22-Jul-16 08:42:07

This book is a beautifully illustrated children's bedtime story book it shows children the warmth, love and adventure and the importance of being a family. It gives you a 'warm fuzzy' feeling according to my son x

farhanac Fri 22-Jul-16 12:13:25

Just lovely

CopperPan Fri 22-Jul-16 17:07:16

Lovely illustrations and a perfect bedtime story. My dd loves having it read to her.

cookie09 Sat 23-Jul-16 13:50:56

Beautifully heartwrenching and a perfect way for children to understand sadness.

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