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Book giveaway: After You

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UrsulaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 05-Oct-15 15:29:52

The long-awaited sequel to the world-wide phenomenon, Me Before You, is here! After You has been praised as "A tender, funny and hopeful look at love, grief and life" and we've been warned that we'll need more than a few tissues to get us through.

Lou Clark has lots of questions.

Like how it is she's ended up working in an airport bar.
Whether her family can ever forgive her.
And will she ever get over the love of her life.
What she knows for certain is that something has to change.

Then it does.

Want a copy? We've got 20 to give away! Find out more and apply for your free copy. Remember if you're one of the lucky 20 to receive a book, we do ask that you write us a review in our reviews section to tell us what you thought.

ImperialBlether Mon 05-Oct-15 15:33:58

Me, please! I loved Me Before You and would love to read the sequel.

lilybetsy Mon 26-Oct-15 10:39:01

me please

Campaspe Tue 19-Jan-16 15:47:01

I'm late posting my review as the book only came through this week. Anyway, better late than never, and here's my thoughts (contains spoilers, so don't read on if you haven't finished the book):

It's a good, page-turning read. I think it helps to have read the prequel so you understand why Lou is in the depressed state she is. This novel tells us what happens to Lou next and how she picks up her life again. I really enjoyed the scenes with sexy Sam, and would have liked more of these. I loved the upbeat but not entirely certain ending. I did feel Lou's easy acceptance of Lily and her willingness to put up with stretched credulity a little, but I was enjoying the story so much that I just accepted this IYKWIM.

Jojo Moyes certainly knows how to tell a story. I'm going to say something sacreligious here and posit that neither of these books is as good as her previous novel of hers that I've read, "The Last Letter From Your Lover". I loved this and would urge anyone to read it.

So, overall, a fun, quick, easy read that won't change your life but will occupy a few grey January days very nicely.

Thank you very much MN for the free book. I love reviewing books for you!

daimbardiva Thu 04-Feb-16 22:07:19

Thanks for the book - I was really pleased to have the chance to read this as I'd enjoyed me before you and was keen to find out what happened next. I enjoyed the book - it was a real page turner and the characters were very well drawn. The thing I like about both this book and me before you is that they are easy reads about difficult issues. I also liked the background stories about the rest of Louisa's family. I have to say though that I agree with the poster above that The last letter from my lover is a great book!

All in all I would recommend this book.

FernieB Tue 01-Mar-16 11:09:27

I haven't read Me Before You so knew nothing about the characters or circumstances. I don't think this mattered as enough of the background story was explained when required to make After You a good stand alone book. It's an enjoyable read, the characters are well drawn and the story moves along at a good pace.

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