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Book Giveaway: A Meditation on Murder by Robert Thorogood

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TinaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 15-Jun-15 10:19:20

If you're already counting the weeks until Death in Paradise returns for series 5, this weeks giveaway may be right up your street. A Meditation on Murder is the new whodunit novel by Robert Thorogood, creator of the hit series and it features on screen favourite D.I Richard Poole.

Click here to find out more and apply for a free copy.

Don't forget, if you're lucky enough to receive a copy of Meditation on Murder, we do ask that you tell us what you think about it on the thread below or in our book review section.

ImperialBlether Mon 15-Jun-15 10:22:00

Am I the first? Looks great - hope I'm lucky!

Perfectlypurple Mon 15-Jun-15 12:37:22

I've applied too. Keeping fingers crossed

DreamToSleep Thu 25-Jun-15 10:46:34

very excited to read this one, thank you!

butteriesplease Thu 25-Jun-15 10:53:37

just found out I'm getting a copy! Excited!

boo2410 Thu 25-Jun-15 21:17:03

I got an email saying I've got one coming too, yippee!!! Thank you soooooo much.

Perfectlypurple Fri 26-Jun-15 17:01:44

Mine has arrived today. Just need to finish the book I am reading then I will see what it is like

Trinity99 Fri 03-Jul-15 17:55:02

Got my copy and finished it already! Thank you so much. Added my review already.

RedPenny Thu 09-Jul-15 15:07:36

Just finished my free copy. As a fan of Agatha Christie novels since the age of 11, I love having a new provider of this genre of fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed finding out if my suspicions were correct about "whodunnit". Would recommend as light relaxing read for the beach.
Thank you!

butteriesplease Sat 11-Jul-15 09:37:19

I finished reading this yesterday - it's a great wee read. It's a good murder mystery, and funny. I loved the TV series, and it (unsurprisingly) is very true to that in terms of characters etc. The story itself was clever, and I enjoyed the twists and turns, and the final discovery of the killer! If you like classic whodunnits, or enjoyed the TV series you will love this book. I hope that there will be more of these, and that Richard Poole can live on in print.

Uzma01 Wed 15-Jul-15 12:03:04

I've really enjoyed reading this book, this genre is right up my street. I've not managed to catch any of the TV series but will add to the list of stuff to watch.

The book is clever, funny and has been so easy to get into. I'm a big fan of Agatha Christie too - so can see where Robert Thorogood has incorporated plot twists worthy of AC. As I was reading the book - I was trying to figure out whodunnit and how, it was fascinating to see who was the killer & how it was all orchestrated. Won't spoil the ending for anyone who hasn't read it all - but it was well worth it.

Would highly recommend this book as a good light read over summer (and beyond.)

lorka Thu 16-Jul-15 15:42:43

Thank you for the book. Enjoying it so far. ��

poshpink Fri 17-Jul-15 20:10:42

Thanks for the book. Having watched the TV series I could relate to the characters in the book, they simply flew off the page. Loved the twists and turns and never guessed the killer and how it came about. Enjoyable read, page turner. I read whilst at home but would be good holiday book - perfect for sharing with friends. Hope Robert Thorogood continues to write further books.

princessgray Sun 19-Jul-15 19:12:09

I haven't seen the TV series but that didn't matter at all whilst reading this book. I like "whodunnits", thrillers, detective stories and so on, both grittier ones and lighter ones like this. This was a great great, it was well written and very easy to read. It was hugely entertaining and I didn't guess the outcome at all. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting an easy and entertaining read.

BearAusten Sun 19-Jul-15 21:07:23

I have previously enjoyed watching Death in Paradise when it was broadcast on BBC1. A Meditation on Murder, with the same setting and original police team as the above TV show, did not disappoint. The words just flowed off the page. The characterization of the police team is very similar to that seen on the small screen. Uptight DI Robert Poole still simultaneously irritates and entertains his colleagues. It was an incredibly easy read, helped by a certain gentle humour which infiltrates the book.

Thank you for the book. It is perfect for a holiday read. I hope Robert Thorogood continues to let DI Poole solve further mysteries in book form.

ImperialBlether Mon 20-Jul-15 12:03:49

I didn't even realise it was a TV series!

I grew up with Agatha Christie novels and loved how the writer was so obviously influenced by her. I lost track of the number of plots and plot devices of hers that he used. I loved the police team. It seemed a bit like the Ladies' Detective Agency books (which, incidentally, I hated) but I really liked this. I loved the setting too. I did read a spoiler about the TV show which shocked me - hope it doesn't affect the novels, but can't see how it wouldn't.

Sanjee1 Mon 20-Jul-15 17:07:59

Really enjoyed reading the book, I love murder mystery whodunnits and I couldnt put this down until I had finished it all! Will be watching the TV series too now! Thank you for the opportunity to review and for a great read!!

ImperialBlether Mon 20-Jul-15 18:33:10

I have to say as soon as we were told where the murder had been committed, I knew I was in the hands of an Agatha Christie fan.

agnapoop Mon 20-Jul-15 18:37:03

Having never seen the TV series I found this book an enjoyable enthralling read. The author kept you guessing throughout the novel resulting in you submissively following all the twists and turns until the end when all is revealed. I'd highly recommend this easy enjoyable novel, a great read.

cosytoaster Mon 27-Jul-15 23:31:21

Really enjoyable read, v much in the vein of traditional British crime writing. Hope there are more to follow

Mythreeknights Tue 28-Jul-15 12:36:08

Was delighted to receive my copy of A Meditation on Murder and so far, I'm really enjoying it. Knowing the characters from the TV series makes it almost more enjoyable reading the book as I can imagine them as they are. So far we have had some fun twists and turns to the plot although I have wondered if Richard (the detective) asked some direct questions early on, we might be getting to the crux a little sooner!

Frasras11 Wed 29-Jul-15 13:13:44

I haven't watched any of the Death in Paradise series so was new to the characters of Rob Thorogood's series.

A Meditation on Murder was a great book to read. Easy to get into and entertaining with enough plot twists to keep you guessing as to who the murderer was and how they did it.

I managed to read this on a rare weekend away and once I'd picked it up I couldn't put it down. A good and interesting crime book with likeable main characters and it does make you want to comeback for more.

I've googled the books in the series and was disappointed to find out this is his first!! Hurry up and write the next as I'll definitely be buying!

cavylover Mon 03-Aug-15 10:51:30

Excellent book which was an easy read and will definitely be passing on for others to enjoy even though I hadn't watched the TV series previously. Many thanks

lorka Fri 04-Sep-15 11:23:27

Really enjoyable book - easy to read and a great story line. Thank you for sending me this book. I would recommend reading it.

toastedbeagle Fri 04-Sep-15 15:28:19

Thank you for my free copy. I enjoyed it. Not seen much of the TV series but it didn't matter. Loved the characters, esp DI Poole. The plot was good and kept me guessing until the end.

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