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Book Giveaway: All Aboard the Dinosuar Express

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TinaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 18-May-15 12:57:48

With doors like pterodactyl wings and seats as comfy as allosaurus paws, the Dinosaur Express is a train like no other.

This week we're giving away 50 copies of All Aboard the Dinosaur Express, the delightful new rhyming picture book by Timothy Knapman and Ed Eaves. Click here to find out more and apply for a free copy.

Don't forget, if you're lucky enough to receive a free book, we do ask that you tell us what you think about it on the thread below or in our Book reviews section.

thewomaninwhitefluffybunnyears Wed 27-May-15 16:53:33

Yay, can't wait to receive this. Thanks MN smile Happy reading all.

Susangilley7 Thu 28-May-15 19:45:40

I eagerly await my copy. Thank you mumsnet. I will of course review.

InAndOfMyself Tue 02-Jun-15 20:07:59

Has anyone received their copy yet?

Garton Sun 07-Jun-15 22:41:25

im still awaiting mine x

ShadowFire Mon 08-Jun-15 00:45:48

Still waiting for my copy too.

ShadowFire Mon 08-Jun-15 11:08:05

Book has arrived in the post this morning smile

Looking forward to reading it with the children later smile

InAndOfMyself Mon 08-Jun-15 15:40:20

Ours arrived in the post today and I've already read it twice to the boys. I am going to call this one a success.

My older son said it reminds him of (the TV series) Dinosaur Train (this is a big compliment) and he spent about 10 minutes looking through the book himself. He's also decided he wants to drive the Dinosaur Express.

The pictures are jolly, the rhymes scan well when reading it aloud, and it is a good storybook for any children who love dinosaurs 1.5-5 age range.

EveryFrickingNameIsTaken Mon 08-Jun-15 18:20:25

Our copy came this morning. I've lost count of how many times I've read it to my 20 month old DD. Another great book to add to her dinosaur book collection. I think she might even like it more than The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet and Christmas (and that's saying something). She loves the bright colours and even tried joining in with the rhyme. I will be recommending it to friends and family.

Thank you so much for our copy

thewomaninwhitefluffybunnyears Mon 08-Jun-15 19:43:36

Mine arrived today and I have read it multiple times already too. That is always a good sign! I like the illustrations, they are appealing and colourful. DDs age 3 and 5 both really liked them and were keen to look.

I also liked the rhyming language although some of it was tricky to read in terms of making it 'fit'. Perhaps I need to rehearse my dinosaur language, it may be rusty! The children both really enjoyed the story and are already fighting over who has it tomorrow night for bed (odd as both listen anyway).

DD age 5 was really into the book and was able to answer questions as to why the boy drove the train etc. I was testing how much she was listening and clearly she was. A hit in this house. Thanks for letting us test MN. I would recommend it definitely.

GERTA Mon 08-Jun-15 21:02:35

Both kids loved it. No surprise in the end they wanted to drive the Dinosaur Express! My son wanted to read it again and again and my daughter loved the pictures and colours. The volcanoes in the book were her favourite! Will def recommend this book!

Susangilley7 Tue 09-Jun-15 09:46:35

Thank you, received book and have posted my review. A lovely colourful book.

countingdown Tue 09-Jun-15 09:51:08

Thank you, my copy arrived yesterday. I loved that it was so bright and colourful. My 5 year old enjoyed me reading it to him, and was also able to read it to himself.

sliceofsoup Tue 09-Jun-15 14:02:15

My 2 year old is poorly this week and this book has cheered her up. She loves dinosaurs anyway, but she loved the colourful pictures, and when I began reading and she realised it had a rhythm to it she was smiling and had a giggle for the first time in 4 days! I can tell it will become a firm favourite.

Thank you for the free copy!

pbandbacon Wed 10-Jun-15 08:34:11

Our book arrived this week and has been a success with my 3 DSs (2, 4 and 6) My six year old read along with the rhymes and had a go at the dinosaur names, which aren't too tricky as far as dinosaurs go! The illustrations are great, lots to talk about and count. The rhyming has a nice flow to it, although as with many other British rhyming books, you do need a British accent to make all the rhymes work. "cheer" and "idea" do not rhyme where I come from smile

ShadowFire Wed 10-Jun-15 21:42:02

This book has been a big hit with my train-mad 3 yr old DS. He demanded this 3 times in a row at bedtime tonight, the page with the volcanoes is fascinating him. I think it's the only train book we've read where a train does a loop the loop!

Fridaysbookworm Thu 11-Jun-15 19:23:24

My 6 yr old son really seemed to enjoy this story when I first read it to him and as he has been taking it to bed with him for the last few nights to read himself it has proved to be a big hit. The bright colourful illustrations are very appealing and he particularly likes the train setting off fast with a 'roar' and the excitement of its journey on the track around the volcano. Thanks for our copy - a great book and we would recommend it!

We received ours last week and I have lost count the amount of times I've been requested to read it. An absolute firm favourite for my daughters. My eldest (6yrs) loves it too. The book is rhyming and full of colourful illustrations mentioning all the popular dinosaur names. It's descriptive too which brings the book to life.

Sarah3kids Fri 12-Jun-15 20:22:29

Thank you for the copy. We really enjoyed & have posted a review.

webster147 Sat 13-Jun-15 07:02:37

Since this book arrived my little girl has insisted that we read it every night, she loves trains and dinosaurs so a book that combines the two is brilliant for her. Mummy is finding it hard to pronounce all the dinosaur names though ! This is a fun colourful story with fantastic illustrations.

sallyc06 Sat 13-Jun-15 14:04:46

What a brilliant little book, so bright and colourful and funny. My Alexander loves it. Well worth a read.

majjsu Tue 16-Jun-15 18:47:33

My 4 year old daughter says this book is fantastic. She said she loves the pictures, the story and it is fun.

I have to say I really enjoyed this book. I thought the colourful pictures were great, with lots of detail to talk about; the story is entertaining; the rhyming is cool and overall a very entertaining book. Thank you so much for this copy. It's going to be read a lot!

Thislittlekitten Wed 17-Jun-15 21:15:16

My children loved this book.
The pictures are wonderful. Colourful and eye catching. My children were entranced by it.

The rhyming story kept them entertained and was easy to read.

A big thumbs up.

shelaghh Tue 23-Jun-15 16:25:10

My children enjoyed the stories in the book, and were able to describe the various adventures to me.
I personally found the illustrations too vivid in colour ,especially the front cover . - Not for me, i must be getting old.

LeilaSP Tue 23-Jun-15 20:26:26

I've left it a few weeks to review this book to see how many times my son requested it in that time. The answer is about 10, which makes it as popular as his other dinosaur books.

I'm quite surprised that he likes it as much as he does, I thought that it was perhaps a bit babyish for a 3.5 year old who is always quite technical when it comes to talking about dinosaurs. I was wrong though, he loves the pictures and the story and the things that I thought would bother him - dinosaurs eating cake and wearing clothes etc. - didn't affect his enjoyment of the book at all.

I don't think this will be a long term favourite and it certainly isn't one of my favourites to read to him, as someone else said, some of the rhymes are a bit clumsy, but the story is fun and the pictures are lovely.

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