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E-Book Giveaway: More Than Enough by Liza Hoeksma

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TinaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 20-Apr-15 10:32:00

Katie is pregnant. Again. She loves being a mum but having three kids under the age of three may be more than she can handle. Thankfully her marriage is solid enough to withstand the blast. Or is it? With husband Anthony working long hours and Katie fearful of letting him see she's struggling to cope, could someone else become a shoulder to cry on? What line does a seemingly innocent friendship have to cross to jeopardise a family's future?

We’ve got 50 copies of More Than Enough by Liza Hoeksma to giveaway this week- these will be available to download any e-reader device or app. Click here to find out more and apply for a free copy.

Don’t forget if you’re lucky enough to win a free copy we do ask that you tell us what you think about it on the thread below or in our book review section.

TinaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 27-Apr-15 10:02:31

This giveaway has now closed, thanks to everyone who applied. We'll be in touch with the winners shortly.

Jmatt Mon 18-May-15 22:26:13

A great easy read. This book was good from the start. It didn't take long to get pulled in by the characters and want to know more about them. The book flowed well and kept my interest. We can all relate to the characters which made the storyline easy to follow and interesting.
Well done Liza Hoeksma.

IreadthereforeIam Wed 20-May-15 17:49:07

I enjoyed this, although I had to remind myself on several occasions that different people bring their small children up in very different ways (I wasn't really one to make sure my children were fed and bathed at the exact same times every day. I practiced an 'approximate time' style of parenting!). However I could empathise with how overwhelming it can all be, and I knew friends who felt isolated and parented to a large extent on their own because partners were busy at work.
The characters were very likeable (again, I just wanted to force Katie into a chair and tell her to stop fussing around the children so much - take it easy!), and the progression in the Katie-Adam-Anthony story wasn't out of the realms of possibility.
I'm glad Katie's sister, Amy, reached the conclusion that she did. I was rooting for her to wake up throughout the book!
All in all, I enjoyed this. It was a fast read, read whilst I was on holiday (it makes a good holiday read!).

GERTA Mon 08-Jun-15 14:38:49

This book is different. A down to earth book! As a mum of two I have been in the same situation as Kate, feeling lonley, isolated after giving birth. But somehow finding the strength and courage to move forward. As a young girl I had the same insecurities as her sister Amy, trying to find the love of my life and having broken relationships on the way. This was a very good first attempt by the author and hopefully we will read more books from her in the future.

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