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Book Giveaway: children's Christmas chapter book: Act Normal!

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AnimatedDad Wed 24-Dec-14 17:10:30

From now until the 28 December, you can get "Act Normal And Don't Tell Anyone That Christmas Is Early" from Amazon for free:

It's an illustrated chapter book, ideal if your kids have just got access to a tablet, and it's from a series which has reached the top 3 in Amazon's Kindle chapter books bestseller chart...

"Jenny has worked it out, and it’s not good news...

The melting ice-caps meant that the bluebells came out 3 weeks early this year, and so did the butterflies. So by her calculations, Santa Claus will be early too. Unless she acts now, Christmas this year will fall on 4th December, and Father Christmas will be very confused!

There’s only one answer, and that’s to make a new ice-cap in the school library, and then ACT NORMAL and hope nobody notices. The plan goes pretty well until the day of the school Christmas play – when somebody makes the fateful decision to turn the heating on…

With everyone trapped in a school filled with water, all that’s needed now is a festive submarine and a guiding angel. Luckily, both are on hand… "

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