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Book giveaway: Opal Plumstead by Jacqueline Wilson

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TinaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 01-Dec-14 15:41:34

Meet Opal Plumstead- schoolgirl, sweet factory worker, suffragette and hero of the brand new story by Jacqueline Wilson. When Opal's dreams of a university scholarship are snatched away Opal must work in a sweet factory to support her family- but WW1 looms and will change her life forever.

We’ve got 50 copies of Opal Plumstead to giveaway this week. Click here to find out more and apply for your free copy.

Don't forget, if you're lucky enough to receive a free copy, we do ask that you tell us what you think about it in the thread below, or in our book reviews section
This giveaway is sponsored by Random House

Primrose123 Mon 01-Dec-14 15:54:09

I've just applied. I would love to read this. It sounds very similar to my own grandmother, who wanted to go on to study but had to leave school at fourteen, because 'she was a girl'.

My teenage DD is a huge fan of Jacqeline Wilson and would really love this book.

cornflakegirl Mon 01-Dec-14 19:43:16

DS1(9) would love this. He's a big Jacqueline Wilson fan and really enjoyed her historical Hetty Feather series. He's been learning about WWI at school recently as well, so hopefully some of the ideas would be familiar.

I think JW books are great because they team good stories with some complex themes and really inviting covers. DS still refuses to read books if he thinks the covers are boring, so the Nick Sharratt illustrations are a big hit.

maddissyn0 Sat 06-Dec-14 09:54:23

I really would love to read it with my daughter x

maddissyn0 Sat 06-Dec-14 09:57:11

I really would love to read it with my daughter x

I have brought so many loads for my daughter she loves Jacqueline wilsons books so best of luck xx

GetHappy Sat 06-Dec-14 10:46:29

Love Jacqueline Wilson books ... would love yo achieve and have read all of her hundred. i grew up reading them and hope my daughter continues. i l9ve that she still uses Nick Sharatt as her illustrator too. no jaqueline wilson book is complete without his cover xx

livelablove Sat 06-Dec-14 10:56:31

I've applied dd loves JW and I have enjoyed her books too.

DeWee Sun 07-Dec-14 15:43:04

DD2 would love this

mamato3luvleys Mon 22-Dec-14 12:18:39

Thank you we have just received our copy in the post today fsmile

mamato3luvleys Mon 22-Dec-14 12:19:56

We will give our review shortly x

Whycantibetangy Mon 22-Dec-14 12:57:31

Received today, I totally forgot I had applied for it but dd is beyond excited, thankyou. We will be posting our review later.

Apophenia Mon 22-Dec-14 13:39:45

We received our copy today. Thank you!! Dd2 will no doubt devour it in days and I'll get a review off her when she's done. Thanks again!!

Sidge Mon 22-Dec-14 13:45:56

Got mine today - thank you so much! Forgot I'd applied so when the parcel came I was like "I don't remember ordering this for DD3" grin

rachelkanga Mon 22-Dec-14 13:53:38

Received a copy of this in the post today, one of my daughters is huge Jacqueline Wilson fan, so will add to her Christmas pile. Thank you mumsnet.

Primrose123 Mon 22-Dec-14 15:32:22

Thank you, I received this in the post today. My daughter and I will read it, and will both write a review.

Apophenia Tue 06-Jan-15 15:10:58

DD, aged 10 loved this. She loves the Jacqueline Wilson books anyway, so this was such a lovely surprise for her when it arrived in the post.

She particularly loved the number of twists and how it swung rapidly from sad to happy, repeatedly. It was a nice easy read for her, but she enjoyed it.

Sidge Thu 05-Feb-15 15:12:20

Sorry for the delay in posting DDs review - she read it within days and gave me a review and I lost it! Just found it so will post what she wrote. DD is 8 and these are her words:

Warning - contains spoilers

"I enjoyed reading Opal Plumstead because it's an extraordinary story. I love the relationship between Opal and Cassie. But I don't love the part when Morgan dies in the World War One. Mrs Roberts is a fantastic woman who has a lovely son.

It's a very thoughtful book."

barricade Mon 09-Feb-15 18:19:42

Many thanks to Mumsnet and Random House / DoubleDay / Corgi Books for sending me a copy of 'Opal Plumstead', written by the literary legend that is Jacqueline Wilson. Really appreciate it.

This was due to be reviewed by my teenage niece, a self-professed JW fan. A month later, and apparently she didn't find time to even read it!!

But not to worry ... Read, evaluated and now onto my next book ....

Full book review has been uploaded.


Belo Tue 07-Apr-15 14:27:11

Thank you for the book mumsnet. It arrived with perfect timing for Christmas. DD2 hadn't read any Jacqueline Willson books before even though DD1 must have 20+. She likes to read different books to her sister. But, as this book came specially for her and as the suffregettes are a subject she's interested in, she was keen to read it. And, she read it in a couple of days and declared it "better than harry potter because it is more real"! She loved the historical side of it.

rachelkanga Tue 07-Apr-15 14:37:55

I gave this book to dd2 as a Christmas present as she loves Jacqueline Wilson. I asked my dd2 what she thought and she said.

It had twists in the story which made her not want to put the book down, hence she read the book in 2 days. She said it was sad when Morgan died, but liked the relationship between Opal and Cassie.

t1zzy Tue 07-Apr-15 17:59:43

My daughter was delighted to receive this book from Random House...(Thanks) She read it in only a few days! She loves all of Jacqueline Wilson books and this one was a particular favorite... The Story of a family realistic and not all happy families! Set in the past but a story you can relate to box of tissues needed....

nannyt Tue 07-Apr-15 20:48:00

Granddaughters loved this book and have lent it to some of their friends.ive told her I want to read it when they get it back.

alialiath Thu 09-Apr-15 23:02:23

My DD is in the process of writing her review, which I'll post for her soon.

TheReluctantCountess Fri 10-Apr-15 12:34:41

This book is delightful! Jacqueline Wilson's writing is always accessible, no matter what the content, and this is no exception.
It is convincingly written in the voice of a young Victorian girl, and it is a perfect first step into challenging literature for young people - it's got some challenging and old-fashioned vocabulary which will expand the knowledge of young people, as well as making it a believable tale.

Tokelau Sun 19-Apr-15 11:51:50

Thank you for the book, I gave it to my teenage DD who has read all of Jacqueline Wilson's books and loves them.

Here is her review:

The idea of the book was good, but was very similar to her other stories. I liked the characters, but again they were too similar to previous characters. I found the end predictable. I liked the development of Opal's sister Cassie and her life, and would like to see that follow into another book.

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