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The Fair Fight by Anna Freeman Book Giveaway

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ChrissieMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 26-Aug-14 11:11:55

Born into a brothel, Ruth's future looks bleak until she catches the eye of Mr Dryer. A rich Bristol merchant and enthusiast of the ring, he trains gutsy Ruth as a pugilist. Soon she rules the blood-spattered sawdust at the infamous Hatchet Inn.

The Fair Fight will take you from a filthy brothel to the finest houses in the town, from the world of street-fighters to the world of champions. Alive with the smells and the sounds of the streets, it is a raucous, intoxicating tale of courage, reinvention and fighting your way to the top.

We've got 50 copies of Anna Freeman's thrilling novel to give away this week. Click here to find out more and apply for a free copy.

This giveaway is sponsored by Orion Books.

ScarlettDarling Wed 27-Aug-14 08:48:24

This sounds great, fingers crossed I'm chosen!

GetHappy Wed 27-Aug-14 22:38:40

dying to read ... hope I get one!

TinaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 03-Sep-14 15:23:13

Thanks to everyone who applied. This giveaway is now closed, we'll be contacting the winners shortly.


WhitegoldWielder Wed 17-Sep-14 15:52:13

Thank you my copy arrived today by surprise as hadn't had a confirmation email. Will start next week!

MrsRedWhite214 Wed 17-Sep-14 17:19:32

I got a copy today that I wasn't expecting too.

GetHappy Wed 17-Sep-14 18:47:47

same here! sooo excites to read roll on bedtime :-) xx

ScarlettDarling Wed 17-Sep-14 20:09:51

Thank you! Lovely surprise as no email, will get started as soon as I finish volume 2 of "Game of thrones"!

Pointlessfan Wed 17-Sep-14 21:36:14

Yes me too - no email and it took me a while to work out where it had come from! Lovely surprise and perfect timing as I'm going on holiday next week so I can take it with me. Thanks!

LadyWithLapdog Wed 17-Sep-14 21:41:31

Nice surprise for me too. I'm really looking forward to reading it (I'm finishing Instructions for a heat wave).

Do we get to start a thread and talk about it afterwards?

lasttothebar Thu 18-Sep-14 11:08:47

Didn't know i was getting one either thank you nice surprise

LadyWithLapdog Thu 18-Sep-14 16:43:32

I've just started on it today smile

LadyWithLapdog Sat 20-Sep-14 20:00:23

I'm making good progress and enjoying it. Anyone else?

Crandally Tue 23-Sep-14 11:45:00

Arrived today and I hadn't a clue where it came from! Obviously, I've worked it out now... It's sitting on top of my books to read next. Looking forward to it. Thank you smile

bettybooboo1 Fri 26-Sep-14 17:27:22

Mine also arrived by surprise and just as I had finished a book so I decided to get stuck in straight away and ended up staying up until 12.30am to finish it last night. I am a fan of Sarah Waters who has endorsed it and there is a definite similarity of style but she is in no way a copy of her. I really loved the book, despite the fact that I absolutely loath boxing. I like the change in writing style between the different protagonists and loved the relationship between Ruth and her husband and then between Ruth & Charlotte. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone and thanks for surprise!

LadyWithLapdog Fri 26-Sep-14 17:37:50

I've got about 50 pages left, it's a bit too big to carry around. It's the first non-kindle book I've read in a while. I really like it.

millililli Tue 30-Sep-14 19:12:26

Thank you for the chance to read this book. It isn't one that I would have bought for myself as I have no interest in boxing, but I discovered to my surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Set in 18th Century Bristol and based in a brothel called 'the convent', the novel teems with period details which make the story vibrant and engrossing. The language is full of period expressions which serve to heighten the atmosphere. The protagonist, Ruth, agrees with the 'pious old smatchets' that boxing is unlawful and wild, but she also suggests that a mill, or fight, shows 'the root of all mankind, the stuff of our lives played out.'
All the characters are well-drawn - some are grotesque, and unlikeable, but all are involving and generally believable. It's a fascinating study of the world of male and female boxing and of the interaction between classes which it engendered. I look forward to reading more from Anna Freeman.

LadyWithLapdog Tue 30-Sep-14 20:29:04

I kept changing my mind throughout about what the title refers to, a fight at the fair or a fight that is fair, and who that would be between. Enjoyable read and I think it would do well as a movie smile

dinkystinky Tue 30-Sep-14 21:27:23

Mine arrived as a surprise too. I agree with LadywithLapdog in that its a substantial book - but very easy to read. I liked the relationship between the two main female protagonists and found it a lively read. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Pointlessfan Sun 05-Oct-14 20:53:20

I really enjoyed it. Again, it's probably not a book I would have bought as I have no interest in boxing and it's a period of history I'm quite unfamiliar with. However, that was part of the charm as it was very atmospheric and I found it very easy to imagine Bristol as a busy port just after the Industrial Revolution. I also liked the interaction between the classes and I especially enjoyed the development of Charlotte's character from a mild-mannered and fairly naïve young lady into a much stronger woman by the end.
Agree it would translate well to screen but I imagined it as a serialised drama rather than a film. I would definitely recommend this book and don't be put off by the size - it's easy to read.

JimmyCorkhill Tue 07-Oct-14 08:02:34

Still reading it. Thanks for choosing me. I live in Bristol and I'm loving all the description. I'll be back soon to review.

Xenadog Tue 07-Oct-14 22:09:29

I quite enjoyed The Fair Fight for the same reasons as have already been mentioned above. I liked the multiple narration approach and seeing the characters develop. The moralistic ending rounded everything off in a metaphorical "pretty bow" and there were no irritating story lines just left hanging.

Thank you for choosing me to win a copy of this book.

JimmyCorkhill Mon 13-Oct-14 15:23:31

Just finished it. I loved it!

I agree with everything said so far, especially Xenadog and the tied up storylines. I'm not left wondering about any of the characters.

Everytime I assumed I knew where the story was going it took me in a different direction. The chance to see events from different character's perspectives was fascinating. What I thought I knew was often wrong!

The story became more gripping as it progressed. I am ashamed to say that a big chunk of yesterday was CBeebies for my DDs as I couldn't put the book down!

I have been in 'The Hole in the Wall' pub and I'm going to seek out 'The Hatchett Inn' when I next pop into town. It has really awakened a desire to learn more about Bristol's history.

A fantastic read. My review is shamefully inadequate.

JimmyCorkhill Mon 13-Oct-14 21:26:23

Just came back to say that 'dumb glutton scut' is my new favourite swear word grin

I am actually missing this book (finished it this morning).

WhitegoldWielder Sun 19-Oct-14 08:56:17

This is a good read, one I would not have selected had it not been a giveaway because of the subject matter.

Atmospheric especially with it's use of language and interesting subjects - it made me want to revisit Bristol to explore!

I liked how the narrative is told through the different characters and how you have to change your understanding of them when the story is retold. As already mentioned above by others I liked how the story concluded too.

I would recommend this book to others and would certainly read others by this author.

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