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Book Giveaway: Squishy McFluff by Pip Jones and Ella Okstad

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TinaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Aug-14 11:47:05

We've got 50 copies of the original squishy story; Squishy McFluff: The Invisible Cat, to giveaway this week.

When Ava discovers an imaginary cat in the cabbage patch, she knows she's found a new best friend. Together, Ava and Squishy McFluff get up to all kinds of mischief...

Click here to find out more and to apply for your copy.

This giveaway is sponsored by Faber books

WIN: For a chance to win £200 of Waitrose vouchers and the new Squishy McFluff book, Supermarket Sweep, tell us your own supermarket stories here.

gildedlily Mon 11-Aug-14 16:25:26

Sounds great. Rhymes and an imaginary friend - DS 2 will love this

frazzledbutcalm Mon 11-Aug-14 21:24:42

Have applied. Sounds adorable and fun.

TinaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 27-Aug-14 14:35:47

Hi, this giveaway is now closed. The winners will be informed shortly. Thanks to all who applied.

GetHappy Thu 16-Oct-14 15:29:11

What a nice suprise to have received this today! look forward to reading this at bedtime tonight! grin grin

Yasmin1 Mon 27-Oct-14 14:00:05

My 5 yr old loved this book. The illustrations are great, they did remind me of Dr Seuss. The book is easy to read especially for my little one who is reading, so it is a nice book to read together.
It makes for a good stocking filler to as we get nearer to Xmas & is priced reasonably for the 70 page book

itsamummysworld Fri 31-Oct-14 14:11:15

What a fantastic surprise it was to receive this last week. We saved it for our bed time story read and all three children loved it! (8,4 & 2) I also loved how it rhymed which made the book a fun read. grin

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