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Book Giveaway: Letters from Skye

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TinaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 16-Jun-14 10:37:09

This week we're giving away 50 copies of Letters from Skye by Jessica Brockmole. Played out across oceans, Letters from Skye is about the transformative power of a letter – the letter that shouldn't have been sent, the letter that is never sent and the letter the reader will keep for ever.

Elspeth is fond of saying to her daughter that 'the first volume of my life is out of print'. But when a bomb hits an Edinburgh street and Margaret finds her mother crouched in the ruins of her bedroom pulling armfuls of yellowed letters onto her lap, the past Elspeth has kept so carefully locked away is out in the open. The next day, Elspeth disappears.

Left alone with the letters, Margaret discovers a mother she never knew existed: a poet living on the Isle of Skye who in 1912 answered a fan letter from an impetuous young man in Illinois. Without having to worry about appearances or expectations, Elspeth and Davey confess their dreams and their worries, things they've never told another soul. Even without meeting, they know one another.

Click here to watch the book trailer and apply for a free copy. If you receive a copy, please remember to post your thoughts about the book on this thread or write a review here.

This book giveaway is sponsored by Random House.

CoshNCuddle Tue 17-Jun-14 15:44:17

Sounds lovely! Applied!

frazzledbutcalm Sun 22-Jun-14 22:18:32

Have applied ... hopeful smile

TinaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 25-Jun-14 10:43:15

This giveaway is now closed. We will get in touch with the winners soon!

keriku Thu 17-Jul-14 17:12:43

Just received a copy of this! I assume it is from mumsnet, many thanks

GingerbreadBabyPlease Thu 17-Jul-14 21:57:47

Also just received a copy of this, assuming it's from MN too! Very exciting to find a package for me when I got home! Thanks MN!

keriku Wed 30-Jul-14 10:18:59

This is an extremely interesting book, as the entire novel is actually a series of letters. It starts in World War I when a young female poet on the Isle of Skye receives a fan letter from a young male American scholar. As war crackles the world, through their letters they start to fall deeply in love. Meantime, parts of the book are set in World War II, when the poet disappears from her home in Edinburgh, where she now lives and her daughter starts to piece together her mother’s life through the box of letters which she finds.
This is a very romantic book and at times will break your heart, I was actually in tears at some bits. Some people have complained that elements of the book may not be historically accurate, I don’t really care about that. It actually reminded me of Sleepless In Seattle, where two people from totally different places, keep missing the chance to actually meet up.
I would strongly recommend this book, also I think it would make a great film!

starlight36 Sat 09-Aug-14 16:55:22

I found 'Letters from Skye' was an addictive read. I genuinely bought into the romantic story of Elspeth and Paul. Mixing up the series of the letters with correspondence between the daughter and her partner in the 1940s helped to bring an additional dimension to the story. I found it quite a light read and raced through it pretty quickly. The cover photograph and quotes make the novel appear more 'Mills and Boon' than it is written.

justmuddlingalong Sat 09-Aug-14 23:50:35

I took 'Letters from Skye' to read on holiday. It is a quick but enjoyable read. I was intrigued by the story and loved the fact that it all unfolded through a series of letters. Likeable characters kept me interested. I would recommend this book.

kristinage Tue 09-Sep-14 16:38:15

I liked this unique written book of the letters. Very interesting. I will pass on to my friends.

Annbag Tue 09-Sep-14 19:05:04

Thank you for this book mumsnet, and apologies for not posting on here sooner - I'd posted on the review thread.

This book was such a good concept - a story told through love letters during the first world war. However, it didn't do it for me and I found it hard to believe that the letters could have been from this time period. A lot of them felt more like texts or emails, short and sent quickly.

The plot was also very predictable, so not my cup of tea at all.

I do seem to be the only person that didn't like it though, so probably worth giving it a try!

debjani Tue 09-Sep-14 21:45:02

I wouldn't normally go for this kind of book but was surprised at how engaging it was in the early section, particularly in the characterisation. However, it began to get a bit unbelievable in terms of what the two main characters were saying to each other in their letters, their efforts to meet - and then I'm afraid I lost patience with it and gave up. Sorry.

susanterblanche Wed 10-Sep-14 08:08:42

Thanks for my copy! I really enjoyed it and loved how it is written through the correspondance between the couples and families, even set in the different wars and how you learn about the past with them. Really enjoyed it, thanks!

auntielaraine Mon 22-Sep-14 16:50:41

Sorry got to this a bit later than everyone else but really enjoyed it- I liked the letters idea & found it a bit of a tear jerker at the end. It is now being passed around my friends for their opinion. Hope to be lucky enough to get some more freebies. Thanks

CoshNCuddle Wed 01-Oct-14 17:11:47

Apologies for getting to this a little late. I started the book a while ago and then abandoned it because it didn't quite capture my interest. Got to it last week when I had run out of reading material on hand.
The good points - It is an interesting concept - telling a story through letters. It is a nice breezy tale. Good light reading for holidays etc.
The not so nice - At a few places, the letter writing seems forced. Some of the letters are unnecessarily descriptive and not very natural. I am quite surprised that letters written in 1912-1917 have the same feel as those written by a younger generation in 1940's. Unless I paid attention to the date on top of the letter, I wouldn't be able to place the voice of the character. The story too is a typical wartime romance story - very predictable. I even managed to predict the 'big twist' right at the beginning.
All in all, an okayish read - I will probably pass it on to someone who wants to a book for light reading.

JaneMc77 Mon 06-Oct-14 18:10:07

Thanks for my review copy sorry my review has took so long. I really enjoyed Letters From Skye it was a captivating love story. I liked the way the relationship between Elspeth and Davey developed by telling the story through letters keep me interested in how each would respond during the difficult war time struggles. Both characters share their hopes and fears with a warmth that stretches across the ocean. Unusual narrative spans two generations and continents. Easy to escape to the beauty of Skye and get swept up in the emotional story of a family deeply affected by disloyalty. Would recommend Jessica Brockhole and look forward to her next book

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