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Book giveaway: Crayon by Simon Rickerty

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 20-Jan-14 15:17:58

Simon Rickerty's Monkey Nut was one of our bookclub picks last year and was met with some great feedback. So great that publishers Simon & Schuster used a mumsnet quote ("Laugh out loud funny") on the cover of Rickerty's latest book. [where's the proud emoticon when you need one?] Mnetters are rarely wrong and Monkey Nut went on to win Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2013.

If you loved Monkey Nut then you'll be delighted to hear that we have 50 copies of Simon's latest offering Crayon to giveaway to in return for some feedback - either by posting on this thread or adding a review. As well as being 'laugh out loud funny' Crayon is also the perfect book of children who have yet to master the art of sharing....Find out more about the book and apply for a free copy before 10am, Friday 24 January.

mummmy2014 Mon 20-Jan-14 17:14:31

Woukd love a free book for my 3yr old how do i get one?thanks

CloserLook Mon 20-Jan-14 17:57:20

Just applied for a free copy of this one. It looks great and I'm sure my son would love it!

pinkthechaffinch Thu 23-Jan-14 07:31:26

Have applied too. Will be happy to leave a review on behalf of my 4 year old.

boatclub Thu 23-Jan-14 10:41:56

Just applied it looks great. Perfect for my 4 year old

AliceMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 24-Jan-14 12:10:07

This giveaway is now closed. We will notify all those selected to receive a free copy via email. Please do tell us what you think and discuss the book here.

MrsKwazii Fri 31-Jan-14 14:54:25

Just had an email to say that I'll be getting a copy of Crayon - thank you very much! Looking forward to reading it smile

tiredoutgran Tue 04-Feb-14 11:00:16

Just received our copy of this and wanted to feed back. Antony (3) thought it was hilarious, I can't really explain why but he giggled all the way through as I read it. The book is lovely quality and has lots of large colour pictures, the crayons showing expression is, I think, the reason Antony liked it so much. He is now sat reading it and looking at the pictures on his own.

I would definitely have looked at this in a book store and will recommend to friends with toddlers.

Thank you so much.

boatclub Tue 04-Feb-14 12:45:30

We got back from nursery this morning to find our copy on the doormat, thank you so much. DS (4) was very excited to open the envelope and discover a story. He really enjoyed the book and deciphering the different emotions. His best bit was "when they are all a happy family at the end". This is a lovely, bright book that I imagine most preschoolers will love.

justmuddlingalong Tue 04-Feb-14 13:07:41

Thank you for our copy of Crayon. It's a bright, engaging book with funny characters. The 'moral' being that it's more interesting and fun to share is well explained and I would recommend it for littlies.

RachyS65 Tue 04-Feb-14 17:51:36

Our copy arrived today, my 5 year old and 2 year old both thoroughly enjoyed this book and for different reasons, I could talk with my 5 year old about the emotions and what was happening in the story and my 2 year old loved the big pictures and colours and also enjoyed looking at it on his own. Looking forward to reading this to the children at work too

Clawdy Tue 04-Feb-14 22:25:03

Thank you for the copy of Crayon which arrived this morning. It's a lovely, colourful and funny book which my dgs who is two and a half thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon.The pictures of the crayons were so cleverly drawn he thought they were real at first!

gingercat12 Wed 05-Feb-14 09:08:00

Thank you for our book. It arrived yesterday. DS happily read it, got his crayons out and was drawing away acting out the whole book. He loved it!

CloserLook Wed 05-Feb-14 09:16:21

Thank you so much for the book. It arrived yesterday and we were very excited. My 5 year old really liked the book as he could read it to himself and he loved the bright colours. The story is good for explaining sharing and different emotions.

NoWomanNoCry Wed 05-Feb-14 10:39:04

Thank you very much for the book, it arrived yesterday. My children aged 5 really enjoyed the book. They could read it themselves and they found the pictures very funny. Overall a really good book which I even found amusing myself! smile

MrsKwazii Wed 05-Feb-14 13:08:38

Our copy of Crayon arrived this morning - thank you! Three year-old DD was very excited about it, as she guessed it was a book from the size of the envelope. Looking at the cover, she thought it was a colouring book and asked to get her crayons to draw some pictures smile

We read it once, then another two times straight away, and she was already remembering some of the words. As there's so little text, it's great for children who like to memorise and repeat stories.

We both liked the colourful illustrations and the cute characters. We liked Red being cheeky by drawing over the page and changing Blue's colour. DD also felt very sorry for poor Red when he was feeling left out, and was really pleased to see all of the colours playing together at the end.

Like other posters have said, it's a good in to talk about sharing, playing together and different emotions. A cracking book.

domconlon Wed 05-Feb-14 13:31:10

Thank you for the book! I've posted a review and you can read it at

billybear Wed 05-Feb-14 13:41:10

thank you for our free copy of the book CRAYON by simon rickerty my little boy loved it bright colours ,basic stuff easy to follow we both giggled while reading it . I will now buy his other book hope that's as good. high quality paper as well. thank you for sending us a free copy.

tinypumpkin Wed 05-Feb-14 22:10:42

I think the fact that I was made to read this four times in a row says something. I did wonder if it would be a bit basic in terms of the story for DD (4) but she adored it. It was beautifully illustrated and very vibrant. I liked the simplicity of the message. It's clearly going to be a favourite here. Thank you very much. We should check out monkeynut I think!

heyday Wed 05-Feb-14 22:35:40

Story is basic but that leaves plenty of room for discussion and imagination.
The characters are great and this is a fun book to read and explore together.

katb1973 Wed 05-Feb-14 22:39:16

My 5 year old loved it, eventhough when I first looked at it thought that it might be a bit young for him. Shows that the book is accessible for a wide variety of age groups and can be enjoyed on many different levels. Thank you for my copy Mumsnet. X

sallyc06 Thu 06-Feb-14 06:53:54

Wow, what a cute little book, a real delight. Alexander aged 3 loved it and couldn't wait to turn each page. A good learning tool for colour and words. Fab!

MrsKwazii Thu 06-Feb-14 06:55:55

It shows how strong the illustrations are that the story is told by so little text. That's a tricky thing to get right, I think Simon Rickerty has done a great job.

janney3 Sat 08-Feb-14 21:42:43

Thank-you for our copy of this fun book. My daughter loves it now, it did take a couple of reads for her to fully appreciate all the emotions.

guineapig1 Sun 09-Feb-14 22:40:53

Thank you so much for our copy of Crayon! A huge hit with DS who giggled at the pictures. Great little book with lovely bright illustrations and not too wordy so ideal for younger toddlers. I'd imagine it'll become a lovely resource when learning and reinforcing colours.

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