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Book giveaway: Pinocchio by Michael Morpurgo - CLOSED

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Nov-13 14:15:13

Michael Morpurgo celebrates his 70th birthday this month and to mark the occasion Harper Collins Children's have published his wonderful adaptation of Pinocchio. In this version MM channels Pinocchio's words to tell the famous puppet's story in his own inimitable, cheeky and funny way. If you fancy reading this with your DCs apply for a free copy and then come back and discuss the book here or post up a review.

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HazelDormouse Thu 12-Dec-13 17:39:01

Thank you for the lovely book. Ds noticed it on my bedside table and asked if I could read it to him. He is nearly four, so we are just beginning to try out chapter books. I read the Introduction and first chapter to him. He really liked it and asked if we could have the next chapter (Will do this at bedtime). He thought Pinocchio was like a Pelham puppet which we bought for him for his previous birthday. I just hope he doesn't start thinking his puppet will come to life. What was amusing was his surprise at the illustrations of Pinocchio without clothes - he couldn't understand this at all. If this continues to go down well, I think I will try and get the Hansel and Gretel edition as mentioned by cornflakegirl.

kiuks Fri 13-Dec-13 21:46:59

I was really happy to receive such a bright and lovely book. I'm half way through the book and I really enjoy reading it. It is very easy to read and the story is written from Pinocchio's point of view. Cheeky and silly little puppet who needs to learn so many things in a hard way. Love the illustrations. My little man is still a bit young for the book but I'm so sure he will love it.

firawla Sat 14-Dec-13 01:39:00

Thanks for the book, I was really impressed with it. It seems slightly more grown up so is ideal for my ds age 5 who will be ready to move on to chapter books, I showed him and he was very interested in it and eager to read!

cornflakegirl Mon 16-Dec-13 10:26:51

Thank you for this book. As others have said, it looks really beautiful - the cover is really appealing. ECC's illustrations are also gorgeous and really enhance the story. I agree with Giles that, despite the length of the book, the pages don't look heavy going and the illustrations aren't childish.

Disagree with Jesstryinghard though - I don't think there are any parts that aren't in the original story - it's just that it's told in the first person.

I have to confess that I am slightly disappointed with the actual story. I think it's mainly because I had such high hopes of a Michael Morpurgo retelling, but I didn't love it. I didn't feel that the first person element really added anything to the story; Pinocchio's selfishness and eventual contrition is evident in other versions, and this one didn't really go any deeper. The standard tale focuses on Pinocchio, so it's not like there's an alternative story being told or a different viewpoint used. And I found the little paragraphs where Pinocchio is reflecting on his actions with hindsight and addressing the reader directly quite annoying - I want the author to show me how the character is feeling, not just tell me.

DS (8) will be reading it next, and I will post his review when he's done. I don't think he's particularly aware of the Pinocchio story, so the strength of the narrative coupled with the beautiful illustrations will probably mean that he enjoys it. But I don't think it's destined to become a classic.

beanandspud Tue 17-Dec-13 15:24:41

Thank you for this book. It looks lovely, the illustrations are beautiful and it is now wrapped up for DS for Christmas.

I haven't read any other Michale Morpurgo books with DS and I'm looking forward to sharing this one - it's more 'grown up' than I thought it would be.

Tailtwister Thu 19-Dec-13 14:01:20

Thanks so much for our copy of this lovely book. It's visually stunning, with gorgeous illustrations. DS1 can't read freely yet, so I will be reading this to him, but it's great to have some illustrations along the way to hold his attention. I will be giving this to DS for Christmas, so will see what he makes of it and let you know.

gloriafloria Fri 20-Dec-13 23:41:02

Thank you for our copy of the book. It's going to be a Christmas pressie for my daughter but I've had a flick through. The illustrations are exquisite with beautiful use of colours. The story appears to be told from Pinocchio's perspective. I'm looking forward to reading it with dd and also ds who are both big Morpurgo fans.

pixieindisguise Sat 21-Dec-13 20:05:43

My daughter is still a bit too young for this book, so I read it myself.

I love the concept of the story being told through Pinocchio's eyes and the illustrations are lovely, Pinocchio himself looks so cute!

I agree though with a previous poster, I was quite disappointed with the story. As I was reading it, I became more and more frustrated with reading about one mistake after another. I know that he makes a lot of mistakes and learns from them but this was bordering on depressing! And the part with the fox and the cat was carried on way too long. Just when you think they're gone, they come back and then they even reappear at the end again. I didn't even feel at the end that Pinocchio had learnt from his mistakes, there was no definitive moment where I thought he turned his life around and changed. He basically finds Papa and that's the end.

Maybe for children it will be a different read but to be honest, I don't think I'd encourage my daughter to read it because it's quite negative all the way through. I'm so disappointed because I thought I'd love it.

GoingToBedfordshire Sat 21-Dec-13 21:17:49

I have just finished reading this to my 5 year old dd. It's the first version of Pinocchio that either of us have ever read and the first time we have read anything by Michael Morpurgo.

Overall, she enjoyed it a lot and was captivated by the story and the illustrations. She recognised Emma Chichester Clarke's name from the Blue Kangaroo stories and I thought the illustrations were beautiful but dark enough to be in keeping with the tone and content of the story.

Like some other posters, I got annoyed that there was no obvious character arc for Pinocchio as he repeatedly made the same kinds of mistakes resulting in his and others suffering. However, thinking about it, maybe this is just to illustrate that he is a puppet, not a human and so by assigning human characteristics to him, I am missing the point somewhat. My daughter seemed to like this however and as the story progressed she enjoyed anticipating his next mistake.

I did like the darkness of the tale and the way my daughter was hovering between horror and delight as I was reading, particularly when Pinocchio gets strung up by his thumbs and when he and Lampwick begin to turn into donkeys. She was definitely a bit scared but in a good way and ultimately I think she was reassured that all ended well.

SE13Mummy Wed 01-Jan-14 21:13:45

Thank you so much for my copy of this beautiful edition of Pinocchio - DD2 gave it to DD1 for Christmas (she was desperate to give her a chapter book).

DD1 (aged 9) was thrilled to open the book having previously enjoyed the gift edition of Pippi Longstocking, a book that this one was reminiscent of style-wise. She has lots of Michael Morpurgo books, enjoys his writing and set to reading this one immediately although she did comment that it would be strange to read a story by him that wasn't about animals or the war.

SE13Mummy Wed 01-Jan-14 21:18:02

...sorry - pressed 'post message' without meaning to.

As I was saying, DD1 set to reading Pinocchio straight away and whizzed through the book in one evening. She reports that it was an interesting story, that she'd definitely recommend it and that the illustrations were gorgeous.

DD2 (4) now wants it read to her.

cornflakegirl Fri 03-Jan-14 21:02:55

Here's a review from DS (8):

Meet Pinocchio. He's a small puppet, half the size of an 11 year old, with black hair and a very long nose. One day he runs away to an adventure full of ups and downs and lefts and rights and insides and outsides.

Prepare yourself for Pinocchio, as he stumbles through the hard life of a puppet, with some animals helping him along the way.

I like Pinocchio because he's very silly but I would not like him as a friend since he could lead anyone astray.

My best bit was where Pinocchio, Gepetto and the fish were escaping from the shark.

4.5 stars.

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